If you thought comic book collecting was an expensive and all-consuming hobby, you don’t know the half of it.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 18:18

Ep. #169 The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review

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Covering the week of 12/8/14, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.

In this Season 4 finale episode, the FBC staffers discuss their favorite geeky headlines from 2014, including the impact of the Mockingjay on real-world events, the historic Rosetta mission, Marvel Studios' plans for Phase 3, and the Danish school that teaches its curriculum through LARPing. In addition, all of FBC's staff members from across the globe share what they are a "fan of" from 2014!

Hold Tight! :: I Always Leave, But Never Say Goodbye :: Animal Style Records


Okay, I was hooked on this album from the very beginning. I Always Leave, But Never Say Goodbye is an alternative punk hybrid, that totally demands your attention. The first track, Why Change Now, has every element I love in a punk track. It is aggressive, catchy, and has a killer, KILLER, hook. Every time I listen to this album this song just constantly replays in my head. It begins sparse and almost sweet, until the guitars and drums kick in full force.


Friday, 12 December 2014 12:00

TPub: Twisted Dark, Volume 3

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CC2K is back again with another review of Twisted Dark by TPublications. Why? Because CC2K’s Laura Hong has basically enjoyed every comic sent her way by the team and can’t stop reporting on it. You can check out her previous review of Twisted Dark: Volume 2. For those who don’t already know, the series is a collection of one-shots written by Neil Gibson and illustrated by various artists. Now without further delay, here is a look at Twisted Dark: Volume 3

Friday, 12 December 2014 09:00

Christopher Walken is an Alien

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Black Maria's Wade Sheeler on the new Twilight Time release of The Dogs of War.

It has been over a year since the launch of the PS4 and with another holiday season upon us, it is time to guide shoppers on their journey to PS4 greatness.  With a modest library spanning multiple genres, there is something for everyone on PS4.  I can’t touch on every game that has come out, but this is my personal list to help you pickup the right blockbuster title for you and your loved ones.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014 12:12

Ep. #022 The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast

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Welcome to The PREVIEWS Party Podcast! Covering the December 2014 issue of PREVIEWS magazine from Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc., Fanboy Comics' panel examines the upcoming comics, graphic novels, and other merchandise that will be available in stores nationwide and explains the importance of pre-ordering and its effect on the comic book industry as a whole.

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Ep. #168 The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review

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Covering the week of 12/1/14, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.

In this episode, the FBC crew and special guests Gina and Lisa Gomez discus the new lightsaber design that rocked geekdom, the controversy that is Jurassic World, the fan backlash against "The Hanging Tree" radio remix, and the details on the Sony hack.

07 May 2015 / St. John's, Canada / Operation Demon Ring

06 May 2015 / Cologne, Germany / Operation Driving Whisper

3 May 2015 / Los Angeles / Operation Glass Hawk

On December 7th, 2014 (A day which will live in infamy) the Hacker Group Lizard Squad launched a Distributed Denial of Service attack on the Playstation Network, crashing servers for both the PS3 and PS4. As of December 8, the servers are back up, but the group promises another attack on Christmas Day. 

Here are the 5 things you need to know.

Black Maria's Kyle Turner on the newly remastered Criterion Collection edition of David Lynch's Eraserhead

20 April 2015 / Lyons, France / Operation Rotting Father

18 April 2015 / Colorado / Operation First Thorn