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Radiohead Album of Weak Quality?

Written by: Jimmy Hitt, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: Dead Air Space

No, I don't mean it sucks, but rather, it's only being released in 160 kbps, as opposed to 320 kbps, which is much higher quality. And don't get me started on VO or FLAC formats, which I guess we'll have to wait months for, but for now, 160 is what we have to work with…

Baffled? That's ok. Just think of it like this: 160 is like Super Nintendo quality, and FLAC is like BluRay. So, to be succinct, Radiohead might have tricked us all into either not paying a dime for their new CD (in which case there was no trick) or into paying a few bucks and getting low quality tracks. All this just in time for Halloween. Coincidence?

Author: Jimmy Hitt, CC2K Staff Writer

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