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A Director Known for Comedies a Good Fit for a Wise-Cracking Flash?

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageSource: The Hollywood Reporter

Seems Green Lantern isn't the only JLA member getting his own movie. It was announced today that The Flash will be speeding (get it?) his way to the big screen.   Bringing him there will be the job of David Dobkin (Shanghai Knights, Wedding Crashers, Fred Clause), who recently signed a major deal with Warner Bros. that includes getting to sit in the director's chair  on a feature film adaptation of DC Comic's "Fastest Man Alive."  Craig Wright (Dirty Sexy Money) will write the screenplay.

While there have been four major incarnations of the character, at this time there is no word on which will be featured in this film, though the studio was quick to assert that this will not simply be a spinoff of the upcoming Justice League of America movie being directed by George Miller, of which The Flash is a major character.

There's also no word yet on who might don the scarlet spandex, though Ryan Reynolds has long been rumored to be a good fit for the role as well as interested in doing it.  Though that good fit seems to be with the more flippant Wally West version, rather than the more serious Barry Allen or Jay Garrick (assuming I've got all these guys straight).  The big question is can Dobkin pull this off?

Author: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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