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Watchmen Extras Planned: Black Freighter and Under the Hood

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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It seems that ever since Zach Snyder (300) came on board as director of the live-action adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, he’s been talking about how much he wants to film the comic-within-the-comic, Tales of the Black Freighter as a DVD extra. While Gerard Butler has been rumored to be Snyder’s ideal choice for the lead role, he might not get the chance, as there’s news out today that this featurette may be done via animation, and may see release as a stand-alone DVD at the time of Watchmen’s theatrical release.

Another development in the Watchmen world is the possibility of an independent adaptation of Under the Hood, another piece of back story not directly related to the plot, but that contributes to the richness of Moore’s graphic novel.

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Evidently the plans are to film this as an extensive interview of Hollis Mason (the first Nite Owl) as if he were on a newsmagazine show in the early 1960’s promoting his autobiography as one of the first masked crimefighters. It hasn’t been officially announced, but speculation is that this would be one of many planned extras for the DVD release of the film.

Both Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood have been cut in two different scripts (the first by David Hayter, a later one by Alex Tse) attempting to adapt Moore’s graphic novel. Look for reviews of both of these scripts Monday, November 26th here on CC2k!

Author: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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