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Keri Russell is Wonder Woman … But Not in JLA

Written by: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer


The latest incarnation of a female superhero icon has been cast: Keri Russell will step up to the plate and give new life to Wonder Woman, at least in a manner of speaking. More after the jump!

Sadly though, we are not talking about the long-awaited live action movie here. Russell will be voicing Wonder Woman in a new animated version of the tale, which is part of a straight-to-DVD series by Warner Bros. and DC Comics. The series kicked off in September 2007 with the release of Superman: Doomsday and will also be featuring Justice League: New Frontier and Batman: Gotham Knight. The Wonder Woman segment starring Russell is set for a late ‘08 or early ’09 release. 

In the meantime the Wonder Woman live action movie has long been underway but getting nowhere, with Joss Whedon joining and leaving the writers team and other tribulations. Whether or not Russell voicing Wonder Woman is any indication of her having a shot at the role in the flesh remains to be seen. We will keep you in the loop!

Author: Phoebe Raven, CC2K Staff Writer

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