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Michael Bay to Remake “Rosemary’s Baby”

Written by: Lance Carmichael, CC2K Staff Writer

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Image"Michael Bay to remake…" Are there four words that strike more existential dread and loathing in the hearts of movie lovers in the English language? Known to be an entity of Sauron himself, it seems that Bay has set his sights on desecrating the 1968 horror classic Rosemary's Baby. Yes, the one that pre-Woody Allen Mia Farrow cut her hair for, directed by pre-Sharon Tate murders Roman Polanski and written by Ira Levin (who neither dated a man who later married their adopted daughter or had his pregnant wife murdered by Charles Manson…boring!!!).

As of this moment, Bay is only producing the remake (through his horror company Platinum Dunes). But, of course, that could change at any moment, depending on the fell whims of The Enemy.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, no director or writer is attached at this moment, but Platinum Dunes "plans to be meticulous with the remake, knowing it has been entrusted with a jewel from the Paramount library." Yeah. That's why they gave it to Michael Bay, long known among cineastes for his delicate, subtle touch.

For those who haven't yet had the pleasure, Rosemary's Baby is about a young couple who moves into a New York apartment. The pregnant wife finds out that her husband (played by indie maverick John Cassavetes) may or may not have made a deal with the Devil for the rights to her baby plus a conditional second round draft pick.

No word yet on where they'll fit car chases and Martin Lawrence into this, but rumor has it that Michael Bay himself is in talks to play the Devil.

Author: Lance Carmichael, CC2K Staff Writer

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