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Steve Guttenberg is Banging his Head up Against a Wall(-E)

Written by: Ron Bricker

In a recent edition of the Morning Roundup, there was this tiny blurb, and I quote:

Thank Crom: A remake of Short Circuit is coming!

I thought that was already “in the can”, as they say, when I saw a cardboard cut-out of this character at the local mega-plex:


Now, take a moment to compare our friend from above with the inestimable Johnny 5 from the hilarious and original 1986 epic sci-fi film Short Circuit:


For those of you who can’t see what I’m talking about, perhaps this illustration comparing the two leads will help:


I am willing to concede that point four above is actually in favor of the upstart newcomer, but I believe the other evidence is damning and incontrovertible. Pixar has blatantly plagiarized Brent Maddock & S.S. Wilson (writers) and the vision of John Badham (director).

I say, “Boycott Wall-E! Return all that Toy Story merchandise and your Incredibles lunch box. This travesty should not be rewarded with our hard-earned money!”

Author: Ron Bricker

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