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NYCC 2008: Secret Invasion

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageThe world of Secret Invasion was analyzed and discussed by a panel of its’ top creators, led by head Skrull Joe Quesada and including editors Tom Brevoort, Bill Roseman, Alex Alonzo, writers Dan Slot, Christos Gage, Fred Van Lente, and Brian Reed, and Axel Alonzo. Rounding out the panel were Kevin Grevioux, Jason Aaron, Andy Landing.
 Fans in Skrull masked filled the room the size of three regular Con panels quickly to hear discussions of, ask questions about, and lend their praises to Marvel’s current universe-wide shape shifting mystery. They were greeted, instead, with the podcast of a teenage girl, seemingly speaking about everyday things, until it was engrossed by atmospheric music and advertised a new web comic for some girl named Kinsey. Seeming lame enough, it was nonetheless met with some loud applause and got the crowd’s attention.

Soon after, a video robotically describing the current invasion of the Skrull’s and their plot to take down Earth and its’ heroes accompanied a montage of images of angry, green, and purple men. After a brief introduction by Quesada, a cover of Secret Invasion #2 was revealed to show Hawkeye and Mockingbird. Mention of Matt Murdock’s relations with the latter was made, but was quickly brushed off in comedic fashion. Also confirmed was the upcoming involvement of Thor in the series, though no details were given. Announced moments later were a tie-in of Spider-Man: Brand New Day and Secret Invasion, a She-Hulk and X-Factor Secret Invasion Crossover by Peter David, and a brand new ongoing Deadpool title by Daniel Way and Paco Medina. Deadpool’s character will deal with the event as a whole in a “bizarre and twisted way.”

After making the announcements, fan questions were mostly useless, proving that comic fans still can’t find any real meat-and-potato questions when speaking to the men they so greatly admire, and only ask about Skrull burgers and make lame identity jokes.

Joe Quesada was asked why more time isn’t spent on event “after-shock,” to which he claimed that sales were of the utmost importance in choosing direction and ongoing events are simply what fans enjoy more. He then said that if those sales were to go in the opposite direction, and the events were no longer popular, they would be moved away from them.

Jason Aaron caught a good question and quickly spoke about the upcoming Black Panther/Secret Invasion tie in, promising strong Wakandan butt-kicking from Black Panther, Storm, and their fellow tribesmen.

Overall, the announcements were made and much comic-loving fun seemed to be had, but not much took place other than pointless, impatient discussion of character and plot. However, the announcements made were important enough to be noteworthy and add to the excitement for upcoming issues of the current Marvel event.

Author: Ron Bricker

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