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NYCC 2008: Battlestar Galactica Panel

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageBattlestar Galactica is the best show on televsion. Period. Today, the New York Comic Con held a panel moderated by Entertainment Weekly's resident comic book fan/writer Adam Freeman. Firstly, Dave Howe, president of the Sci-Fi Channel greeted the crowd with some small announcements. 

First up was the confirmation that the free Virgin Comic The Stranded would soon be shot as a backdoor pilot to be aired on Sci Fi. Howe also announced another new series in their partnership with Virgin, Superbia, a series focused on members of a superhero team that take their spouses and partners to a special community. This book will begin this summer. Howe then thanked the fans for their support, and introduced Freeman. 

Freeman then introduced the panelists: Mark Stern, the president of programming on Sci-Fi, and cast members Michael Trucco, Michael Hogan, and Rekha Sharma. What followed was unfortunately the most disappointing panel to date. Freeman did his best to ask interesting questions, but most were directed at these character's recent character directions, most of which have been answered already numerous times. Trucco really summed up the spirit of the panel when he said he was just happy to be making "television for the books". 

What followed was a whole lot of nothingness due entirely to the lack of any good questions. Fans need to learn to step it up and not waste time with questions like "what is the significance of the right eye in this series?" What? 

Author: Ron Bricker

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