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NYCC 2008: Final Crisis Panel

Written by: Ron Bricker

ImageThe last big panel of the NYCC occurred today and regarded DC's upcoming blockbuster event, Final Crisis

 Dan Didio started the panel as we waited for Grant Morrison to show up, and introduced the panelists: Adam BLANK the assistant editor on Final Crisis, group editor Eddie Berganza, and artist JG Jones. Dan continued to explain that Final Crisis is the end of what he called the "official and unofficial" trilogy of the DCU. Crisis on Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis and now Final Crisis

He continued with a very interesting analysis of the crisis trilogy and explaining why this series is tagged as "The Day That Evil Wins". He mentioned the old adage "Good has to win always, evil only has to win once."

Final Crisis will capture our attention by a very tragic event that occurs in the very first issue, which will be followed by Final Crisis: Requiem…BLANK, regarding the events that occur in this issue. He went on to describe the other crossovers announced – but was interrupted when Grant showed up! Yay! He came in from rescuing a crashing jetliner. In any case, the information was basically reiterated from Friday's DC Nation Panel, and then it was turned over to the panel.

Or not.

Fan questions! Of course, the first question was not really a question. It was another drooling fan that asked nothing relating to the panel at hand. Fans began to line up at the mic, and I hoped that this wouldn't be another wasted opportunity for good questions. Eventually he asked who would show up. Basically – who do you think?

The next question asked was if Final Crisis would be culminating Grant's previous runs on other books, and the answer was yes.

More appreciative fans, this time thanking him for work in Animal Man #15.

Next, asking about super powered animals, specifically Gleek. A bashing of the Wonder Twins ensued.

Is Kamandi a part of the story? Yes.

Any Dr. Thirteen? No.

A fan asked about how the creators felt about cross overs and events? One of the editors countered it and basically ignored the question, but Grant chimed in with that most books are crap anyway. Jokingly, he suggested only buying books by himself, Geoff Johns, Greg Rucka, and Mark Waid.

 Certain Crisis characters, like Batman, how do they fit in at a cosmic level with no super powers? Grant said that there is evil at every level of the DCU so all heroes can fit in. 

Nightwing then stepped up and asked about certain characters that in previous Crisis stories that take the forefront. Is there a character like that in Final Crisis? Grant said they are giving everyone a chance.

Any Kyle Rayner? Grant said the series starts as a cosmic murder mystery, with Earth sealed off by the Guardians as a crime scene, so the Green Lanterns are very present. 

Theme or story first? Grant said it just develops over time, depending on the social environment surrounding him and the state of the world.

Any other heroes submitting to Darkseid? Another vague answer. Apparently these fans really don't want to just wait to read the god damn story.

Grant Morrison wishes he could be abused by Desaad in Final Crisis

"Batman RIP" tie into FC? Two issue arc afterwards. Also, Grant said he will stay on Batman as long as he's allowed.

Doom Patrol? Yes.  

Lame self promotion from a Star Trek dork. 

Any Zatanna? Not from Grant, but Paul Dini has something in the works.

Bringing back Black Adam in anyway? Grant not sure, gave a maybe.

DC Animated is intersted in All Star Superman! Woo!

Has Grant disturbed JG at all? Not yet.

Death toll? Grant hates killing characters, rather provide fates worth than death.  

Process of JG's interior work? No wash work, pens and inks. Alex Sinclair is the colorist, no gray tones. 

Channeling of real human shock and response? Grant replied that the book is really about that feeling.

Any characters that surprised Grant to enjoy writing? Supergirl.  What about in terms of the art? JG describe it as "a party on every page". 

For JG, any redesign work for characters? Yes.

Any role from Grant in any other books that are contributing to FC? Not really, a little bit with the creation of the Alpha Lanterns.

Does Grant write in a cinematic way, novels? He replied by saying he writes like a comic book, doesn't think there is such a think as a cinematic comic. JG called Final Crisis a french new wave comic!


Author: Ron Bricker

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