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The Morning Roundup: New Dark Knight Viral Marketing, Babylon A.D. Images

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we've got the latest bit of viral marketing for The Dark Knight, news of Robert Downey Jr.'s next possible project (hint: it's not Iron Man 2), and a slew of new images from Babylon A.D.

Robert Downey Jr. is in talks to star in the upcoming adaptation of Cowboys & Aliens, the recent comic book that tells the tale of feuding cowboys and Native Americans in the Old West that must set aside their differences to fight invading aliens.  Yeah, I’m not sure about this one either.

Filed under “News that should Surprise No One” the Vatican has denied requests by Sony to film scenes for the upcoming Angels & Demons film in any of Rome’s churches or in any part of Vatican City itself.

Len Wiseman (Underworld, Live Free or Die Hard) is set to direct the live-action adaptation planned for the hit video game Gears of War

In a very cool bit of viral marketing for The Dark Knight (when will they run out of ideas?) you can check out the latest edition of The Gotham Times below, the front page of which features stories questioning Batman's nature and detailing Harvey Dent’s landslide victory.


You can also get your first (very indirect) look at Two-Face in this secret video.  

Looks like Sam Raimi is taking a break from our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to direct The Given Day, which will be based on the novel of the same name written by Dennis Lehane (Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby).

Eva Mendes will be re-reteaming with Ghost Rider costar Nic Cage for the remake/reimagining of Bad Lieutenant, reports Variety.The Hoboken International Film Festival gave its top prize to Uwe Boll’s Postal.  The same movie that had viewers walking out in droves.  Huh? 


Finally, check out our gallery of new images from Babylon A.D., courtesy of


Author: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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