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The Morning Roundup: Hands-On with New Star Wars Game, Singer Off Superman? New Mirrors Trailer

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we have early reviews of the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, rumors of a new direction (and director) for the next Superman film, the red band trailer for Mirrors, and more!

So while I’ve heard rumors that due to lackluster performance of Prince Caspian additional sequels might be in jeopardy, the trades are reporting that filming on The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader will be pushed back from October to January, but will still continue.

Hans Zimmer spoke about how he almost scrapped the theme he composed for Joker in The Dark Knight saying,

“I, for a moment, was thinking, 'Oh my god, I should throw out all the music I've written for The Joker and just start over again,' which is just exactly the wrong thing to do. To honour his (Ledger’s) performance, I had to stick to my guns.

The music has to portray the philosophy of anarchy that The Joker displays in the face of Batman's valour. I couldn't soften the music or compromise the evil he projects because Heath really did give such a tremendous performance. If I had taken my eye off the ball, if I had been sentimental, if I had done anything like that, it would really have not served him”

That’s probably a good thing.

Is Bryan Singer going to get the boot from the next Superman film?  That’s the rumor/question that’s been blazing around the web in the past days, as comics writer Mark Millar (Wanted) has gone on the record saying,

“Since I was a kid I’ve always wanted to reinvent Superman for the 21st century,” said Millar. “I’ve been planning this my entire life. I’ve got my director and producer set up, and it’ll be 2011. This is how far ahead you have to think. The Superman brand is toxic after that last movie lost [a good chunk of change], but in 2011 we’re hoping to restart it. Sadly I can’t say who the director is, but we may make it official by Christmas.”

Who is that director & producer?  Millar would only say:

“A very well known American action director heard about my love of Superman, approached my and asked me to team up with he and his producer to make a pitch for this. We’ve been talking for several weeks now and, if this is going to happen, we’ll know by Christmas. He has huge pull at WB so fingers crossed.”

We’ve got the new red band trailer for the Kiefer Sutherland supernatural thriller Mirrors:

Hmmm…according to The New York Post director Robert Rodriquez and actress Rose McGowan have split.  I wonder what this will do to their planned collaborations on remakes of Barbarella and Red Sonja?  Probably not good for McGowan. 

There’s also a new website for MAMMA MIA! (emphasis theirs, not mine). 

For all you gamers out there, IGN has posted hands-on reviews of the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360 and Wii, and it looks like this game could live up to the hype.

There’s a new trailer out for Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa which you can check out HERE, and a new poster, which you can check out below:


Author: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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