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The Morning Roundup: Twilight Soundtrack Single, Bond Theme Video, Keep It Clean Trailer

Written by: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageThis morning we've got a lot of audio/video content in the roundup including Paramore's latest single that will be on the Twilight soundtrack, the official music video for the Quantum of Solace theme "Another Way to Die," and the trailer for Bungie's next mystery project (Halo 4?), along with the usual news items. In gaming news, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed *might* get adapted to the big screen in some form, someday, which isn't such a bad idea since the game's storyline was one of its strengths.

In more gaming news, Brett Ratner has confirmed that he will be helming a God of War adaptation.  His work on X-Men 3 and the Rush Hour films has me super excited for this.  Really, there's no sarcasm in that statement (hint: yes there is).

Jack Black has signed to a new deal that will see him re-team with the writers of Kung Fu Panda for a new live-action comedy described by THR as:

"A sort of comedic The Bourne Identity, the story sees Black as an American who finds himself washed up the shores of Cuba with no idea of who he is and how he got there. He comes to the conclusion that he must be a superspy, though in reality he is far from one."

So basically it's a rip-off of the Cedric The Entertainer film Codename: The Cleaner.  Great choice.

The CW is developing a series called The Graysons about (gold star if you guessed this correctly) Dick Grayson's life before joining Batman as Robin.  Is anyone actually going to watch this?

In still more gaming news, if you haven't seen it yet, here is the KEEP IT CLEAN trailer for Bungie Studios' as-yet-unannounced next project, which many are speculating could be Halo 4:

Holy crap!  Is Fox going to cancel Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles?  It's evidently doing bad enough in the ratings war that talk of shutting down production could already be stirring.

The official music video for "Another Way to Die," the theme of Quantum of Solace has leaked online.  Watch it below!

There's a new poster out for Disney's next CGI-animated feature Bolt.


I'm glad to know it's not partially awesome, or mostly awesome, but fully awesome.

Paramore has announced its newest single which will appear of the official soundtrack of Twilight.  You can listen to it HERE, or in the YouTube video below (until it gets pulled).

Author: Big Ross, CC2K Staff Writer

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