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Comics Gone Digital: Boom Studios’ Hexed #1

Written by: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

ImageThe end of floppy books is fast approaching. Boom Studios released an announcement today declaring the arrival of their new series Hexed #1 on the iPhone and Google's Android. The company seems intent on pushing the idea that they will be offering the book simultaneously (or at least, close) on both stands and digitally. 

Hexed has become the first comic book available for Android, and surely with plenty more to follow. 

Is this good? Yes and no. While comics should be made available to everyone who is remotely interest – some yuppie browsing the App Store on his iPhone while on the train could discover a whole new world – it's quite intimidating for physical books. All of the industry people say that it's not an overt concern right now, but this is the first step to the future. My kids (that will be forced into comics) will one day ask me what a long box in, and I will look at them in shame. 

And no, it's not Boom's fault. Like I said, I'm torn between my overall goal to have comics reach the mainstream. I just wanted that to be in the form of comics, and not as a mobile phone application.











Author: Joey Esposito, Special to CC2K

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