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The List: Revisited

Written by: Brett Williams, Special to CC2K

CC2K's Brett Williams revisits one of his most popular articles to determine which Hollywood hotties trump fidelity.

ImageLast year I wrote an article about the five guys and the five girls that your geek significant other is morally obligated to allow you to sleep with in the unlikely instance that said people ever want to sleep with you. While the article was popular, certain choices never sat that well with me. So now, as the end of 2009 draws close, I've decided to revisit that list. Without further ado, here are the ten NEW geeks your significant other is morally obligated to … oh, you get it. Enjoy!

The Men


Kal Penn

Surprised to see the House alum show up on this list about geek obsessions? Don't be. Not only is Kal Penn responsible for the rebirth of good Cheech and Chong style humor, he may also be the smartest actor in Hollywood. I mean, he is the only actor not named Reagan to go on to work in the White House, right? Being crazy smart not nerdy enough for you? Well, how about this? The guy has helped boost recognition of the brilliant Indian movie industry here in the states, he appeared on both Buffy and Angel and he even had a hand in the career resurgence of everybody's favorite award show host, Neil Patrick Harris. All in all, that's one heck of a geek resume. All that and a killer smile? Watch out fellas, this guy is definitely List-worthy.


Nathan Fillion

If anybody deserves to be on a list devoted to geek lust, it's Nathan Fillion. Dr. Horrible's grinning square-jawed foil has proven time and again that he's more than capable of making fun of himself, and nothing says good sense of humor like the art of self-deprecation. Did we mention that he's also the hero of Joss Whedon's short lived cult success, Firefly? As Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Fillion taught us all about family, honor, trust, badassery and floral bonnets. He's also an active philanthropist and a prolific (and hilarious) Tweetist. If Captain Hammer is an example of everything a hero shouldn't be, then the man playing him is an example of everything a hero should be; kind, self-aware, handsome, fun and tough as nails. Well, we don't really know about that last part, but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, look at those arms!


David Boreanaz

Another of Joss Whedon's former pupils, Boreanaz is a master of the small screen. With the help of the cast and crew of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Boreanaz built a character deep and engaging enough to be worthy of his own spin-off. And it's on that spin-off, Joss Whedon's Angel, that Boreanaz really shined. Angel may be one of the most underrated television shows in history. Starting off tough and getting tougher with almost every single episode, Boreanaz breathed life (and death) into a character that could easily have fallen prey to the one-dimensonal brood of vampire cliche. Then, as if five successful seasons of Angel weren't enough, he helped create one of the most enduring shows on television today. On Bones, Boreanaz's performance as FBI special agent Seeley Booth is fun, loose and charming as hell. For a guy who had been written off by most folks as a one hit wonder, Boreanaz has charged back with a vengeance. While Bones is far from the best show on television, his apparent comfort in the role of Agent Booth makes it a far superior option to it's CSI counterparts. Once a fringe star with a small cult following, Bones has made Boreanaz a household name and an American heartthrob. But if you're a Buffy/Angel fan, you've known for years; he of the broody eyes and jutting forehead is worthy of some serious geek lust. Did we mention that he's also the voice of Green Lantern Hal Jordan in the excellent DC animated picture, Justice League: New Frontier? That's some serious geek cred, folks!


Ryan Reynolds

Speaking of Green Lanterns and heartthrobs, there can't be a list of geek objects of affection that doesn't include Ryan Reynolds. Sure, his recent turn in the shockingly successful Sandra Bullock picture The Proposal may have some people doubting his geek cred, but let's take a look at the man's resume. He was the only bright spot of an otherwise abysmal Blade: Trinity, he turned less than ten minutes of real screentime in a terrible Wolverine movie into his very own Deadpool picture and he was recently cast as Hal "Highball" Jordan in DC Entertainment's next big picture, Green Lantern. And you know what? He's eating it up! Reynolds shows genuine enthusiasm at bringing these iconic characters to life on the big screen and the geek world should share in that enthusiasm. Ryan Reynolds is the next Harrison Ford and we should all be glad we've got him. He may also be really good looking, if you're into that sort of thing.


Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd has been the geek dreamboat for years now. Good looking and charming enough to easily be a leading man in some truly horrible Hollywood dribble, he's instead chosen to march to the beat of his own drum (and that of his very funny friends). Starring in films like Clueless (Amy Heckerling), Wet Hot American Summer (Showalter/Wain), Anchorman (Adam McKay), 40 Year Old Virgin (Apatow), and Role Models (Wain again), Rudd has made a name for himself as the shockingly hilarious straight man. He also appeared in I Love You Man with friend and fellow Apatow alum, Jason Segel, creating the best non-Apatow Apatow movie to date. Oh, and don't forget the appearances on Reno 911 and this reviewer's particular favorite, Veronica Mars. Gorgeous, intelligent and hilarious, he's still never afraid to engage in some self-inflicted schadenfreude. I doubt there's a geek girl alive that doesn't have a crush on Paul Rudd.

The Women


Kristen Bell

You won't find any love for Heroes from this reviewer, but being on the huge NBC hit based (ever so loosely) on comic books does buy one some serious geek cred. Playing the lead in what I personally believe to be the best Apatow movie (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and holding your own with Jason Segel and Russell Brand buys you even more. But the real reason Kristen Bell populates this list is her time as the titular character on one of the most underrated television series in history, Veronica Mars. Those of you in the V. Mars know have loved Miss Bell's combination of Buffy Summers and Philip Marlowe for years and have no doubt evangelized her to the masses. Good for you! The best kept geek secret in the world more than deserves a spot on our hallowed list!


Summer Glau

Originally hired to play a ghostly dancer on a very memorable episode of Angel, Summer Glau impressed Joss Whedon so much that when it came time to cast his cult hit Firefly, Glau was the first person he wanted for the character of River Tam. With very little acting experience under her belt, Glau took the difficult role of the emotionally bruised River and really found her niche. Firefly ended before its time, but luckily for us Summer Glau's career did not. Most recently she starred as the Terminator sent back to protect John Connor from harm on yet another short-lived (and underrated) Fox sci-fi series, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. She now moves back to the world of Joss Whedon, signing on to his newest creation, Dollhouse. Possessed of exotic good looks, substantial grace and eyes that could pierce the most hardened of hearts, Summer Glau will populate this list for a good long while.


Christina Hendricks

This Tennessee native narrowly missed the cut for the first list. At the time, she'd only appeared in two episodes of Firefly. Though she did take both those episodes and run the hell away with them, we weren't sure if we'd hear from her again. Man were we wrong! Since our last list, Miss Christina Hendricks has popped up on a little show for AMC. You may have heard of it? It's called Mad Men. As Joan Holloway, Hendricks boom swagger swaggers her way through the male dominated world of 1960s advertising. With her quick wit, years of experience and fiery personality, Joan has carved out a spot for herself as the subtle captain of the entire office. Everything revolves around her. Hendricks's performance as an early example of an empowered businesswoman has earned her a lot of well deserved attention in the media. And those dresses don't hurt either! So here's to Christina Hendricks, who is showing the world that a full figured woman can be sexy as hell!


Tina Fey

The reigning Queen of the Geeks, Tina Fey has ridden the "geek chic" wave all the way to the top. She writes, produces and stars in arguably the funniest show in the history of funny shows, she rocks the nerdy librarian look and she excels at the cardinal rule of humor; always be able to poke fun at yourself. Once a starving artist comedian at Chicago's Second City, Fey is the ultimate Horatio Alger ideal. Everything she's got she got on her own, by the merits of her own colossal talent. Comedian, activist, Star Wars enthusiast, Tina Fey is simply the hottest geek in the world.


Felicia Day

If Tina Fey is the Geek Queen, then Felicia Day is her heir apparent. While her turn as Penny in Joss Whedon's wildly successful (it just won an Emmy!) Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog made her an object of affection for Whedonites everywhere, Felicia Day has been a geek icon for some time now. While it would be easy to see her simply as a cute, funny young actress climbing ye olde Hollywood ladder, that would be a drastically narrow view of Miss Day. She's not just an actress, she's a trendsetter. Her web series The Guild provides the formula for successful web only content and has changed the way that a lot of people think about the delivery method of television in the future. The reigning queen of internet-only video, Day is also an unabashed super-nerd. She loves comic books, videogames, genre films and every damn television show that's comfortably nesting on your DVD shelves right now. And if her Twitter account and con reports are any indication, she's more than willing to sit down and have a beer with her fans. That, plus a passionate love of cheese (c'mon, we eat a lot of cheese. Cheese consumption during D&D games is scandalous!), make Felica Day a no-brainer for List inclusion.



Author: Brett Williams, Special to CC2K

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