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Nude Scenes of My Youth 3-D

Written by: The CinCitizens

ImageEvery Sex Week, the staff members here at CC2K get together and reminisce about the greatest nude scenes of our youths. We've done it before. We did it again. And this year, we've got five more hot recollections from our Skinemax-watching glory days, including our first all-male nude scene. So read on, CC2K'ers, and as Jayne Cobb might say, we'll be in our bunk.

Blame it on Rio

For our first nude scene, CC2K's Cyrano Spinshocki had to go back to Stanley Donen's 1984 sex comedy.

The first pair of tits comes in at around minute 19. They're the main character's tits. One minute later, we get a real long glance at them. Quite simply, these were the first pair of moving (as opposed to photographed) tits I ever saw, thanks to the grainy, nasty VHS recording my parents made off HBO. This and Dune were the most-watched tapes in my parents collection during sleepovers.

The scene takes place on a beach full of bare-titted women – thus inaugurating a fetish for group scenes that lives with me to this day.

Later on the main character takes a Polaroid of her naked body, including bush. I found it scary.



Fanny Hill

CC2K Co-Editor Tony Lazlo took a look at the movies of Russ Meyer this week, and although the raunchy auteur made a version of John Cleland's 1748 erotic novel, Tony best remembers the 80s adaptation starring Lisa Foster.

This movie branded itself into my memory for its copious nude scenes and its characters' use of spyholes all around Fanny's mansion. Everyone was boinking everyone, and everyone was watching everyone do it. The device seems tame by today's standards, but at the time, it was sleepover gold.

Queer as Folk

Our next nude scene comes to us from TV Editor Phoebe Raven, who didn't have to look to her childhood to find a memorable nude scene.

Maybe I was a late bloomer, as I am sure boys com across the "seminal nude scene of their youth" a lot sooner, but when I saw this scene ten years ago, I finally got the hype around nudity and sex. It is the pivotal scene from the pilot episode of the US version of "Queer as Folk" and basically sums up the character Brian (played by Gale Harold) in a nutshell. He's here, he's queer and he is not apologizing for it. I was about Justin's age (played by Randy Harrison) when I watched the scene, i.e. 17, and I would have switched places with him instantly, even though that might have been very much to Brian's disliking seeing as how I am a woman. This scene is proof that confidence can be everything, you don't have to be Brad Pitt to look smoking hot. Ever since I saw it, a part of my brain is permanently stuck on "Gale Harold = YUM!!!" and another part of me is on the prowl for a guy with a loft.


CC2K Games Editor and resident scientist Big Ross looked back to a science-fiction classic for his entry into this year's festivities.

Around the pubescent age of 14 the British B-movie Lifeforce became my secret definition for "serendipity". Having discovered it among my older brother's collection of VHS tapes, I'm not sure what initially made me pick it out and pop it in the VCR. Probably had something to do with the words "space vampires" appearing in the description on the back cover. Yet even at that age I quickly discerned how much of a stinker it was and nearly gave up on it more than once. But in the midst of the poor plot and atrocious acting something wonderful happened. There was a scene with a beautiful young woman with brown hair lying unconscious on an examination table (I think she was a captured space vampire, doesn't really matter) with naught but a sheet covering her from the neck down. You can see for yourself what happened next.

I honestly can't remember much of anything from Lifeforce before this scene, and I don't think I ever finished the movie. Admittedly my mind was consumed by, ahem, other thoughts. In hunting down a video link for this scene (hat tip to Metacafe), I found out that the girl in this scene is French actress Mathilda May. Miss May, I'd like to offer a heartfelt, albeit sheepish thank you for having such a profound effect on my formative years. Merci!

Return to Savage Beach

Last year, we closed out our nude scenes article with a look at a titsy trailer from B-movie maestro Andy Sidaris, and this year, Co-Editor Tony Lazlo saw fit to revisit one of the schlockmeister's other great titles.

Watching nudie movies as a rambunctious youth always had its risks – risk that you'd get caught, risk that you'd get grounded – but at the same time, there was always the risk that you and your sleepover buddies would waste your time. Sometimes you'd wade through an entire crappy movie in the hopes of seeing boobs, only to be denied. Andy Sidaris never denied you. He always included some boobs in his movies, and what's more, he usually included a scene in a strip joint, where you were almost certainly guaranteed to see some boobs. With that in mind, here's a clip from Return to Savage Beach that gives us a look at the lovely Julie K. Smith.




Author: The CinCitizens

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