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Live Blog: Shut Up And Kick Ass!

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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The scoop is thus: Geekscape’s Jonathan London and comedian Shannon Hatch just showed up as two of our judges. Funnyman Jonah Ray is set to parachute in any time now.

Sax Carr sits to my left, tweeting and Facebooking – "Can I use 'Facebook' as a verb?" Wash asks – as he prepares himself for his hosting duties.

Surprisingly, almost everyone is wearing pants. We’ve alerted a boatload of local martial-arts schools about the event, as well as some local superhero clubs. For the uninitiated, look no further than the World Superhero Registry for more information on an underworld of actual, living, breathing costumed avengers.

But who knows who’ll show up. I’m hoping for a cavalcade of eccentrics, and I’m relieved I can sit back at the press table and enjoy the show. I’ll leave the judging to the actual funny people. More to come!

OK, gang – as you can see, we've got some bruisers in the house, and they're already sparring with guest judge Art Camacho, who invited me down to one of his classes. Y'know – I feel like getting my ass kicked, so I just might go down there! Camacho looks like he walked out of a comic book himself, with a floor-length black leather coat and a bulky upper body that bulges out of his black button-down. He complimented me on my own "guns," such as they are, when invitng me down to his dojo. I suspect I was getting buttered up for a whuppin'! People are rolling in slowly, and we're hoping for a 7:30 to 7:45 start time. Our judges:

Asterios Kokkinos – one of the funniest guys I know – is warming up the crowd with one of his trademark bits: "Off the top of my head trivia." He asks the crowd for trivia categories, and they call 'em out. The first suggestion: "Corn dogs." Oh, how droll. Asterios parries it, though, by asking, "What's the least-healthy ingredient in corn dogs. It rhymes with bitrates!" NICE! Camacho's demonstrating some movie-quality fight choreography. One of CoC's founders, Vito Lappicola, just got up and flipped a guy. Vito's a trained martial artist in his own right. Good stuff. Keep watching LIVE!


Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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