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Shut Up And Kick Ass: Watch the Videos and Vote Now!

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

Everybody, the videos are in, and now we just need your votes to determine the winner of the Shut Up and Kick Ass contest! Watch the videos below, and then click over to the official Meltdown Comics website to vote!

Matt Hollin came all the way from Whittier to tell some dirty grandma jokes. The judges mostly liked his asskicking, though they docked him some points for working blue.

Manchester native Terry Kvasnik showed off his martial arts skills by executing some spectacular flips in the cramped space. The judges bot feared and admired him. He won a wristband that'll get him into a meet-and-greet with the cast.

Another martial-artist, Narayanan Cabral executed his own series of flips and kicks, even going so far as to bound off the walls. The judges praised his skills.


Musician Rune Kincaid braved the brawny scene by playing a funny song about breasts and brakes. The judges gave him props for his humor and guitar-playing prowess.




Hottie Annie Cruz came to the event in tight black leather, and she pulled off a mean cartwheel before a wardrobe malfunction derailed her act.

Youngster Blake Ortiz took the stage to tell a series of jokes that impressed even the likes of judge Jonah Ray.


Comedian Dustin David eschewed jokes in favor of roundhouse kicks. He successfully kicked a bottle out of the hand of judge Jonah Ray.


The final contestant, Lilly Ball, came decked out in Halloween attire and demonstrated her skills with the fan – all while dressed as a dog. Judge Jonathan London gave her high marks for her furry-friendliness.





Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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