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Comic-Con: ‘Green Lantern’ Panel

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageI’m happy to see that Ryan Reynolds knows the Green Lantern oath by heart.

The star of Warner Bros’ upcoming sci-fi epic recited the oath for a youngster who asked an audience question, then later suggested that a raffle prize (his GL ring prop) be awarded to the boy if no one claimed it. (Someone did. Shucks!) But what about the footage?

• The trailer opens with Mark Strong’s narration as Sinestro guiding you in a GL training exercise.
• The movie looks great — helicopters, chases, aliens and lots and lots of flight. Director Martin Campbell noted that the crew built unique flying apparatus for all the cast members.
• Hal generates a big green fist in the trailer (no boxing glove, though).
• Campbell also said that Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris (Blake Lively) will both fly F-35s in the movie, and that aviation lent something of a thematic backbone to the flick.
• DC guru Geoff Johns described three main GL characters as such: Kilowog is Hal’s drill sergeant; Sinestro his mentor; Tomar-Ta his spiritual adviser.
• Will the Star Sapphires be the villains in the second movie? Lively said she can’t wait to be a villain and kick Hal’s ass in the second movie.
• Along with Hector Hammond, Parallax will be a villain in this movie, suggesting that the origin told will include elements of Geoff Johns recent reboot of the GL comics.
• Pursuant to that point, Johns described what’s at stake for this movie: The DC Universe.

“Anything that DC is going to do will depend on this movie.”

• Pursuant to that point: Johns also suggested that a shared DCU — a la Marvel — might be in the works.
• Johns didn’t rule out the appearance of just about any other GL character — Alan Scott, etc. — and he also said a JLA movie is a possibility, though it sounded like he was working in the realm of conjecture.
• Mark Strong seemed pumped to play Sinestro. He was wearing a track suit and generally looking fit and slightly gangster-ish, and he was smiling his ass off.
• We saw a lot of Blake Lively’s boobs in this panel. Her dress was cut to the floor.


Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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