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Comic-Con: ‘Sucker-Punch’ Panel

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

ImageRather than recount Zach Snyder’s bubbly panel for his upcoming movie-thing Sucker Punch, I’m just going to try and describe what I saw. The trailer looks insane.

As near as I can tell, here’s what happened:

A father deposits his hot blonde daughter (Emily Browning) in a mental asylum in Vermont. She gets into fights there. Somewhere along the line, she experiences a break, and Carlo Gugino appears with a goofy Russian accent, telling hot blonde daughter that she can escape into her mind whenever she wants.

Meanwhile, rotund, spats-wearing, cigar-chomping men arrive to force the blonde into a burlesque show, establishing a corsets-and-stilettos aesthetic for the whole thing.

That when it cuts to a post-apocalyptic, video-game-style version of a futuristic Nazi Germany (? — a pure guess), and all of the women involved show up wearing steampunked-up corsets, military boots and various pieces of body armor. To get an idea, here are some action figures from the movie:

Once the trailer shifts over to post-apocalyptic Germany, that’s when things get really wild. Dragons. Giant Robotech-style mechwarriors. WWI-era bi-planes. Samurais. Scott Glenn in the David Carradine role from Kill Bill.

Snyder delivers all of it with his (by now) trademark cross-processed, CG-enhanced, hyperactive flair. It might be too sweet for some, but I’m in. Here’s a gallery from the panel:


Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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