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NYCC’10: Day 3: Daomu

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

ImageCC2K met with Image Comics and Concept Art House to talk about their new comic series: DAOMU which is based on China’s best selling “Tomb Robber’s Journal” series by Kennedy Xu.


Daomu, which translates to “tomb robber,” explores an underground world that has been active in China for thousands of years. After witnessing his father’s violent murder, Sean Liu discovers that his family belongs to a secret society of tomb raiders. Led by his uncle, Sean joins an elite team of Daomu to go deep underground in search of answers. Who are they? Who — or what — killed Sean’s father? And what horrors await beneath the earth’s surface?



Though Western audiences have long embraced Japanese comics and cartoons, Daomu’s arrival in the U.S. is a first for a high-profile Chinese entertainment property. Our work is based on the Daomu Bi Ji (“tomb robber’s journal”) novel series, which is hugely popular in China. We have a lot of exciting transmedia plans for this property that we’d love to tell you more about in person.







Author: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

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