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CC2K’s Comic of the Week: Iron Man #505

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Every week, there are a multitude of books being released from multiple different publishers. And while we here at CC2K like to provide as many reviews as our limited numbers can provide, there is always one book that is the cream of the crop. Comics are expensive, and so is the gas to get to the shop. So that’s why we’ve started giving you the one, absolutely unmissable book every week.

Invincible Iron Man #505

Writer: Matt Fraction
Artist: Salvado Larroca

Last issue: Iron Man’s in Paris searching for a fallen hammer. Unbeknownst to him, it was found by the Grey Gargoyle. Now, as a chosen avatar to the Serpent and blessed with god like power, the Gargoyle has turned all Paris’s populates to stone. Iron Man dives into battle with the powered up Gargoyle only to get his ass kicked and left for dead. After last issues beat down, Iron Man wakes up on top of a pile of rocks, looks down and sees it’s all stoned body parts. Thousands of dead bodies lie before him. Is Stark ready for round 2?

Matt Fraction has turned me into a huge Iron Man fan. He has created so many great stories for all the Iron characters (especially Iron Fist). His story flow, plot direction, and character development is top notch. Honestly, he’s one of Marvel’s best writers and I believe he is deserving of more titles, Marvel please give Bendis a breather.In this issue: Fraction’s excellent dialogue takes a bit of a backseat in this month’s Invincible Iron Man. Though there about at least five pages of Pepper and the Stark boys talking Stark shop, but mostly this issue has Tony in action.

*SPOILERS SPOILERS* Highlight to see

Fraction ends the book with a nod to the “Demon in the bottle” story, with Tony sneaking a bottle of wine out of Pepper’s office. Is Tony falling off the wagon? It’s interesting but i thought ever since “extremist” (i know things changed and Tony doesn’t have those powers anymore) Tony couldn’t get drunk anymore. I know this is a Fear Itself story, Marvel usually adds a death scene to every big cross over event. Detroit Steel has a great cameo and an even better death scene. I’m guessing Fraction was either pushed into killing him by Marvel or (and i doubt this) lost interest in this character or a lack of more stories for this character. It felt like a wasted death, but a death by the new Gargoyle was pretty gruesome.

Larroca dazzles in this issue. It’s very action heavy and the art flow makes this issue fly. Larroca draws a mean monster. The only complaint i’d have is with Frank D’Armata the colorist. At times D’Armata doesn’t darken/shade enough, Iron Man art work at times can be a little like a Japanese Manga because it’s a comic about a robot suit. But that doesn’t mean it has to be as colorful. Tone it down some. But that’s just my two cents.

Marvel is doing a great job with Invincible Iron Man and by keeping Fraction writing Tony Stark for this long has been a gift to all readers. Never boring, Fraction always gives his readers a wow moment and every issues is guaranteed to end with a strong cliff hanger. Since Fraction’s been on board Tony has received new superpowers, a new lease on life, lost his empire, and all of his villains were revamped in great ways. Run over to your closest comic shop and pick up CC2K’s pick of the week.

4.0 out of 5.0


Author: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Gary is a husband, father, fireman, comic reader, gamer, body builder, and rocker. He also is a co-owner of a bakery in upstate NY. He likes to tell everyone his favorite band is the Beatles, when his actual favorite band is the Alkaline Trio.

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