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The New 52!: Batman Family Special

Written by: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

As DC’s: “The New 52!” changes their universes status quo. We learn each week how much our favorite characters have changed. By either making them more modern, relatable, or slutty, these character alterations will either make or break these new titles. Four different Batman titles came out this week September 21st, 2011. Let CC2K give ya the goods. SPOILERS


DC punched out four new titles this week: Catwoman, Nightwing, Red Hood and the Outlaws, and Batman. All had some big character alterations and some wacky cliffhangers. I’m going to start with the small potatoes and work up to the meat; we begin with Red Hood.

Red Hood is still Jason Todd the only difference is we don’t know if he ever died or not. We do know that he is a former sidekick and Batman and though he does kill people (that’s against Batman’s code), the Red Bat symbol on his chest shows some kind of kinship. He’s the leader of anti-terrorist group along with Starfire and Roy Harper (Red Arrow?). Their relationship hasn’t been fully established. The only thing we do know is Roy Harper was a former sidekick as well and he ruined his own career (probably by using drugs). Starfire has the same origin, however they beefed up her Alien quirks. Though she once dated Dick Grayson and was a Teen Titan, she has basically no recollection of it. She also a bit racist towards humans (she thinks they look the same) and is quick to bed with anyone she finds of interest. There you have it: Red Hood (Jason Todd) died once maybe?, still kills, but is somehow still part of the Bat family (on their good side). Roy Harper ex-Speedy?, nice guy but still an idiot. Starfire will have sex with humans, has no where else to go, a bit of a bitch for not giving a crap about her old friends (or at least remembering who they are).

Nightwing is still Dick Grayson. Nightwing #1 basically has Dick stating that he was Batman for Bruce, but is giving it up to become a better version of Nightwing. Batman #1 has Dick using tech to alter his face to dress like the Joker. Nightwing #1 has Dick looking and acting like a twenty something adult. Batman #1 has Dick looking and acting like just graduated High School. So which is it? In both issues Dick shows off, acts sarcastic, and each issue ends with Dick being in a lot of trouble (Batman #1 has a terrific Cliffhanger). Not much has changed for Dick, we know that he dated Barbara and Starfire, was a Teen Titan, was the first Robin, and his parents still died in the circus. His character is bascially untouched, which i’m a little sad about. Sure Dick Grayson is a fun character, but recently he was the new Batman. His character changed a bit, he matured. DC is wiping away that maturity, yet still saying he was Batman ( So no more Batman Inc?)? Eh…

Batman has some new toys! He has contact lenses that constantly keep him connected to the Batcave computer (I’m guessing he stole that idea from Tony Stark). This allows him to have a file on everyone he meets, it especially helps when he’s playing the part of Bruce Wayne and is introduced to people (most he should already know). He has a new battle armor outfit. He has facial alteration technology, so he can be anyone at anytime (expect more Joe Chill). Nobody except Alfred and the boys knows his secret identity. He still has a thing for Catwoman. That’s all we know. The character’s personality has been untouched. Expect more gadgets?

We end with Catwoman. Why end with Catwoman, well she’s the one character they completely changed. She’s doesn’t have that strong sense of self that she once had. She acts less like a jewel thief and more like a spy. When things don’t work out she pouts a bit (granted her apartment in issue #1 is burnt down). Yet her recreation is a bit welcoming. She has a dark past (hinted). She is now bilingual and dresses really provocatively. There is a seen in issue #1 where she is trying to beat up a man from her past. While in disguise, Selina walks into the mens room, unbutton’s her top and then beats the guy up. It’s fun to see but then again this is a rated Teen+ book, i sense some parents getting pretty annoyed with DC. At the end of Catwoman #1, her and Batman get it on and the last page is basically Batman and Catwoman having sex (in costume). I decided to include this at the bottom.

All in all the Bat family has changed a bit. Catwoman is more of a spy sex kitten then a jewel thief. Red Hood is a bit of a mystery but is now included within the family(?), Nightwing is a bit of a mystery, Batman is untouched, Red Robin and Robin are still Tim Drake and Damien Wayne (all we know). Hey i’m happy DC didn’t kill off any of these characters and thank you for the money shot at the end of the Catwoman.


—> look she’s straddling him, i can honestly say i’ve never seen Batsex before in a Teen+ comic!


Author: Gary M. Kenny, CC2K Comics Editor

Gary is a husband, father, fireman, comic reader, gamer, body builder, and rocker. He also is a co-owner of a bakery in upstate NY. He likes to tell everyone his favorite band is the Beatles, when his actual favorite band is the Alkaline Trio.

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