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New 52: Justice League # 4

Written by: Kevin Hunter, Special to CC2K

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DC’s New 52: Justice League #4

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Jim Lee and Scott Williams 


Geoff Johns is an evil man.

Just when I thought I’d had enough of yet another retelling of the Justice League, he manages to keep me tied this comic again with another very entertaining story with Justice League #4. Part of DC Comics Universe New 52.

Justice League #4 has our favorite Super Friends getting acquainted (or reacquainted) and feeling each other out as they try to once again to established themselves as the force to be reckoned with in the DC Universe. Cyborg is still going through what seems to be a rebooting process, and all of these guys (and lone gal Wonder Woman) have something to prove to the world, and more importantly, to each other.

So enter Aquaman. The reigning king of Atlantis who can talk to the animals as good as Doctor Doolittle, makes his debut coming into contact with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern for the first time to help fend off an attack of parademons and annoying interruptions by the military. You’d think they would welcome a little extra help from another member of the original, original, original league.

But no! A hissy fit break breaks out between members over who the leader is, especially with Green Lantern who doesn’t take too kindly to Aquaman’s quick and evasive actions to help save their butts as he summons sharks the size of the Titanic to devour the parademons sent by none other than Darkseid, who make his “first appearance.”

So the real issue is, what’s not to like about Justice League #4? It’s got a great cover featuring Aquaman, it’s got great action, it’s got heroes bickering with each other, it’s got great artwork from Jim Lee and Scott Williams, and most of all, it’s got Geoff Johns writing yet another great story. It makes me want to stick around and see how this group will get along, who will emerge as the leader, who will make the next “first appearance” in the next issue, and just how are they going to handle Darkseid this time.

Justice League #4 may be a little redundant for regular readers, but it is a refreshing tale for new readers being introduced to another classic story and another charter member of the Justice League like Aquaman. As for me, I just can’t get enough of this title.

Author: Kevin Hunter, Special to CC2K

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