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Written by: Sarah Speelman, Special to CC2K


I love comics. I love them all. The superhero books, the capes, the drama. It’s a wonderful genre. There is a soft spot in my heart for the little guys. The indie books that challenge the definition of what a comic book is. So today, I’m going to take a moment to share some of my absolute favorite indie books and web comics with you. Sharing the indie love.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my favorite books from off the beaten path.

Footprints by Joey Esposito and Jonathan Moore

It’s a classic crime noir story, with a cast comprised of cryptid creatures. When a book stars Big Foot as a private investigator, it really doesn’t need much more said. The story is original and the art is moody and robust. Esposito uses his storytelling skills to make the reader question the core of human nature. You will have an internal debate raging by book two without even realizing when exactly it happened. If you need any more encouragement to pick up this book, it does have a giant shark who wears a mask in it.

Footprints is published by 215Ink. To read it, head over to where you can buy all four of them digitally. You can also purchase them through the 215Ink app from the Apple Store, or ask your local comic book shop to order the trade paperback for you.

Hominids by Jordan Kotzebue

A visually stunning treat with a story that will make you keep reading. Hominids is a web comic that stands out in the crowd. There are a lot of web comics out there, and it’s hard to decide which ones are worth the read. This is one of those rare gems that goes above and beyond the call of the web surfer.

Kotzebue has created an entire world and peopled it with multiple races of Neanderthals each based on actual historical evidence. His art is as detailed as his characters are, featuring green swamps, expansive trees and craggy mountains. Not to mention a kick-ass female lead who is every bit as strong and able as her male counterparts. This young creator has definitely produced something that deserves to be seen.

Hominids is updated every Thursday at . You can also buy physical copies of the first two books if you catch Jordan at a convention. Keep your eyes on his site to see where he might be next.

Buttersafe by Raynato Castro and Alex Culang

Alright, so this little strip is just pure joy. Simple art, and simple content and so incredibly wonderful. Buttersafe is a web comic that will never fail to put a smile on your face. Ray and Alex keep their comic simple, which is exactly what you need at times, while still bringing a delightfully demented sense of humor to everything they produce.

Buttersafe is update every Tuesday and Thursday at . You can also order their early years book from their store along with some seriously awesome tee-shirts.

Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan

What if all the chickens in the world suddenly become sentient? It sounds like a ridiculous premise, but Alanguilan has accomplished nothing short of a work of art with Elmer. While Alanguilan is not too proud to work in some talking chicken jokes, the depth and emotion of this story will leave you breathless.

Elmer deals with the heavy issues of racism, genocide and the definition of humanity as a young chicken deals with the revelation of his father’s past. It is a peoples’ journey to discover their place in a new world but, you know, with more chickens.

Elmer is published by SLG Publishing. Their website is and most local comic book shops should carry a copy or two.

So there you have it. My list of must-read indie comics. Nothing makes you feel better than supporting genuine talent that is too often overlooked by the majority of the comic book community. Go fourth, read and share the indie love. 

Author: Sarah Speelman, Special to CC2K

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