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Album Review :: Lostprophets :: Weapons

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

lostprophets-weaponsLostprophets is another band that I am venturing out of my comfort zone to review. It seems that people have had a bit of a difficult time labeling them throughout the years and have put them into every category from Nu metal to punk, personally I am sticking them  in the alt rock category. Their sound is catchy and their vocals soothing, yet their music never lets them feel very soft. Hailing from Wales, they incorporate and industrial vibe that Joy Division and Depeche Mode perfected and bands in the states were never able to replicate.

Lostprophets have had tremendous success in the United Kingdom with 2 top ten hits on the UK Singles Charts and have won several Kerrange! and NME Awards. Though most of the band now lives in California, they have not seen the same attention and success in the States as they have in the UK. Weapons is Lostprophets fifth studio album, yet only the fourth to even be released in the United Sates.

Weapons as a whole has a vibe that it embodies and engulfs the listener, yet each song is constructed differently. Bring ‘em Down has this beautiful pairing of super calm vocals over frenzied music. Jesus Walks has a great mellow vibe, reminiscent of when Third Eye Blind was killer. A Song For Where I Am From is hooky yet calm, its sound and construction really give the listener a feeling of nostalgia (and what a great song title). Somedays is a beautiful ballad that isn’t afraid to be a bit softer than the rest of the album.

The stand out track on the album is We Bring An Arsenal. It is the most unique song on the album with a mix of sing along vocals, rock music, and a killer menacing swing section (think Squirrel Nut Zippers). All these elements come together to create a super fun and unforgettable track that you might just want to listen to on repeat once or twice. Another Shot is the most radio friendly track, the vocals are soft yet straining and the music is constantly building to the super catchy chorus.

There is a super surprising hardcore song hidden on the last track. Props to them for including this song that is unlike any other song on the album. I think because the style of this track is so different I don’t mind the “secret song” idea so much, it really would have stuck out like an awkward sore thumb had it been included as a listed track.

Weapons is out now on Fearless Records and check out the “deluxe” version of Weapons available through iTunes with 5 bonus tracks.

You can check out the music video for the first single Bring ‘Em Down.



Author: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

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