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Album Review :: The Stereo State :: Crossing Canyons

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

AlbumCoverIt is not often that I get this excited about an album. There are a lot of albums that I review that are super awesome, but will just never make it into my personal collection. On the other hand, there are those albums that make me feel like a 16 year old kid again – discovering a new band and wanting to play the album on repeat while simultaneously listening to everything they had recorded before I found them. The Stereo State had that effect on me.

Crossing Canyons is a 6 track EP and from the first chords of Across the Susquehanna they had me. Their songs have a great rock and roll cadence to both the vocals and music, yet there is that undeniable punk/DIY edge and attitude. These elements along with stripped down passionate vocals create a strong connection with the audience. These dudes will be winning fans all over the country as they tour.

I can’t pick a favorite song on this EP, they are all so damned good. Across the Susquehanna kicks off the album with these great raw vocals and minimal music only to explode seconds later. The track is fast, full, and has these moments of melody that make you want to sing along. Beach Ball has an accessibility quality to it that few songs can master. The vocals in American Bones have a great gravely quality to them but the track is so super catchy that you will be singing the hook for the next three days.  Say It Again is a high energy track that will get you moving and On The Next Time has a unassuming soul. The final track, The Flood, is so full of passion that will leave you needing more.

Stream American Bones on Alt Press and then please go buy the CD or 10” (in awesome orange/yellow/red starburst or coke bottle green) you will be psyched you did. 

Author: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

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