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Album Review :: Know Your Saints :: Landmarks

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Know-Your-SaintsKnow Your Saints :: Landmarks :: Say-10 Records :: Out on July 30th

I first heard Know Your Saints on the Great Apes / Know Your Saints split from Say-10 Records and as you read, I was blown away. They had this attitude and sound that was so unique yet so natural that it just grabbed a hold of me. So, needless to say I was super psyched when their Landmarks EP was in my inbox. Landmarks takes their sound even farther than the split. It is only 4 tracks, but I feel as though I have been taken for one hell of a ride.

The EP starts off with We May See Paris Yet, which is a two minute two second track with a one minute one second intro that build you up and build you up until you are ready to explode by the time the vocals begin. When the vocals do kick in, they are phenomenal, they are simultaneously angry and authoritative, yet melodic.

The Grey Estate is both harder and catchier than the rest of the album. The vocals are pure hardcore punk rock melody and screams and the music just carries us along at its will. Humor Me is melodic yet never catchy and leans heavily towards the alternative sound that is an undertone on the rest of the tracks. The vocals are slightly distorted and the slower music gives it more of indie rock feel. In It’s Place Was a Reflection is a fast track with heavy music and am almost hardcore back beat, with the alternative style vocals. It is a unique pairing that is totally intoxicating.

Know Your Saints have defined their sound with this album, and man, they are simply taking no prisoners. 

Author: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

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