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Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

Welcome to CC2K! Like the footer says, we welcome all kinds of geeks through our many portals into pop-culture fandom. We also invite any and all readers to leave comments on our forum. To that end, we want to lay down a productive comments policy that’ll foster lively — even contentious — debate, all while protecting everyone’s feelings and keeping things (relatively) clean.

We reserve the unilateral right to moderate or delete comments or to outright ban commenters for any or all of the following reasons:

• Trolling. You know what it is. You’re just dropping in to pick a fight, induce discord or otherwise cause trouble. We won’t stand for it, so don’t do it.

• Inflammatory or otherwise offensive language. We’re not saying you can’t swear — we do it all the time — but we want everyone to stay focused on an intelligent discussion and debate. If you’re just being nasty, we’ll let you know.

• Ad hominem attacks. You should know this already, but if your “response” to an article is to attack someone’s appearance, gender, sexuality or anything that isn’t, y’know, their argument, then you’ll probably get banned. If you want to respond, then engage directly with what was said.

• No-brainers: Racism, sexist, homophobia. They’re all anathema to us, and even if you think you’re joking, bear in mind that the Internet isn’t such a great delivery mechanism for irony, humor and sarcasm. Be nice, and don’t be a bigot.

• Anything else that impedes a lively discussion. We’re casting a wide net here. We know a respectful, informed discussion when we see one, and we will take steps to ensure we’re always having one.

We love to have fun here at CC2K, and we invite you to join us in a wide array of intelligent, well-considered and lively discussions. Come on in!

Note: A tip of the hat for this comments policy goes to the crew at The Dissolve, including Geneveive Koski and Tasha Robinson. And if you’re not reading The Dissolve, you should really start now.



Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

Robert J. Peterson is a writer and web developer living in Los Angeles. A Tennessee native, he graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. He’s written for newspapers and websites all over the country, including the Marin Independent Journal, the Telluride Daily Planet,, Offscreen, and He co-hosts the podcasts Make It So and Hiram’s Lodge. He’s appeared as a pop-culture guru on the web talk shows Comics on Comics, The Fanbase Press Week In Review, Collider Heroes, ScreenJunkies TV Fights, and Fandom Planet. He’s the founder of California Coldblood Books.

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