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T Pub: Tabatha #1

Written by: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

Are you ready to tread into the thrilling unknown? Well with Tabatha #1, you’re in for one exhilarating ride.

Writer/Creator: Neil Gibson
Illustrator: Caspar Wijngaard

Let me make this explicitly clear right now. Tabatha #1 is a must-read! I went into this comic without much thought except that it was probably going to be a dark horror story. I based this theory off the titles and covers of Neil Gibson’s other works. Nothing wrong with dark, of course. I like dark. Main point is I didn’t read the synopsis. I went in blind and you know what? It made the experience 10 times better. Every few pages got me grinning, laughing, and going into complete shock. One moment I’m saying, “Aw, how cute!” and in another, “No-no-no-no!”. This first issue is a page-turner and it WILL leave you hungry for more!

Tabatha tells story of Luke, an average guy who works as a Los Angeles postman. It opens up with him delivery packages, which by the way, humorously makes you feel for the plight of postmen all around the world. Be kind to your postmen, friends. Oh the things they must endure! The tonality of the plot then shifts when you discover Luke is also a thief, robbing empty houses on his delivery route at night with his friends (On second thought, beware of your postmen!). One night, they rob the wrong house and everything goes downhill. Who exactly is Tabatha and what will be the fate of Luke and his friends? Only more issues will tell!

Everything about this comic is perfect, and that’s saying a lot as I’ve been nitpicky and unimpressed with comic stories these days. The pacing has been thoroughly thought out, seamlessly transitioning into the next plotline with ease. The art with its vibrant full colors is remarkable, whether it’s portraying a scene in the day or at night. It affirmatively sets up the ambiance of the story. The characters are also instantly likeable and relatable. I may have only just met Luke, but he is downright delightful and courageous.

As I said before, this first issue—part of a 4 issue miniseries—will keep you guessing and on your toes with every page turn. It is filled with not only great humor, but boundless suspense and mystery. Overall, I wasn’t wrong that Tabatha entailed a dark horror story, but it does come with a comedic twist, which makes it all the better. Pick up your copy today and be amazed!

5.0 out of 5.0


Author: Laura Hong-Tuason, CC2K Comics Editor

Laura is a writer from the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently resides in Southern California. She drinks too much milk tea, talks too much about Green Lantern, and would marry Barry Allen if he were real.

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