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SIM-plified: A Look at What’s Good, Bad, and Missing in The Sims 4

Written by: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

The Verdict

At the end of the day, The Sims 4 is a fun and enjoyable digital dollhouse. What it is not, however, is a proper sequel to the award-winning franchise. Too many elements, once thought part of the base package, have been carelessly omitted. What’s worse is the knowledge that, down the road, we will get to pay for those features through microtransactions: we’re going to have to spend even more money just to make the game as good as its predecessor. 

To me, that is unforgivable. 

I don’t blame EA entirely. They are competing with a congested market, including the mobile community. It makes it very difficult to nail the AAA titles. That doesn’t mean I forgive them for taking one of my favorite series and taking the very life out of it. If you have never owned a Sims title, this is a worthy start. If you have played any of the past iterations, stick with them. 

The Sims 4 gets a 6 / 10



Author: Adam “ManKorn” Korenman, CC2K Video Games Editor

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