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Album Review : Sunken Monkey :: Party Scars

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

Sunken Monkey :: Party Scars 

Sunken Monkey is a straight forward pop punk band and Party Scars is an album full of super catchy and fun tracks with a heavy guitar and drum combination. They are not afraid to sing out or get a hook stuck in your head most times in under 3 minutes.  That’s What She Said may have the catchiest use of “fuck you” that I have ever heard, Too Old For This Shit was made to sing along to, and After All shows a more serious side of the band (though never too serious). I am usually not a fan of the random acoustic track on an album, but Til Death Do Us Party is actually pretty damn good, it has a great gruff raw quality to it (and it is just as unsentimental as the title would lead you to believe).

 As I was trying to boil down the virtues of this record, I went back and forth, trying to put my finger on exactly what drew me to it. It ends up it is something underneath all the music and all the lyrics, what makes this album appealing, is that you can tell that they are just having a damned good time. The album is personal, but in a not too serious, I don’t fucking care what you think sort of way. Excited to see where these guys will grow.

Author: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

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