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PS4 Owner’s Guide to Holiday Blockbusters

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

Infamous: Second Son

Never has a video game made the player feel more like a mix of Spider-Man and a Jedi until the Infamous series.  With a multitude of different powers, a gorgeous take on the city of Seattle, and a great cast, Infamous has is a perfect pick-up and play.  Infamous is a great game to show off the power of the PS4, but it is far from the best experience.  No need to play the previous titles on the Playstation 3, Infamous has it’s own storyline separate from the originals.  There is absolutely going to be a sequel, so play it and get to know the world of Infamous.


This list barely scratches the surface of what the Playstation 4 has to offer.  Some of the best games on the console are the most looked over, the indie games.  If you aren’t convinced that there could be anything worth playing other than the Call of Duty games or the big budget “triple A” games, then it is time to expand horizons, open minds, and experience enlightenment.  Be sure to check back next week for the list of incredible Indie and downloadable titles.

Author: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

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