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PS4 Owner’s Guide to Holiday Blockbusters

Written by: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

Far Cry 4

When it comes to the action junkies out there, you simply can’t pass up on Ubisoft’s latest installment of the Far Cry series.  Far Cry 4 is more of the same in almost every way as the previous title, and that is a good thing.  In the land of Kyrat, a fictional region of the Himalayas, a power struggle is underway between a militant group of freedom fighters and the Dictator King Pagan Min.  With hard hitting action and loads of content spread across a beautiful landscape, Far Cry 4  is a must have for those seeking a real thrill.  If only there were dinosaurs.  Please let Ubisoft make a Jurassic Park game.

Author: Corey Bonanno, Special to CC2K

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