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Cool Kickstarter: Boonzy Arts Candles Launches Campaign For Tabletop Gaming-Themed Candles

Written by: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

Local candle studio Boonzy Arts has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a series of three candles designed with the tabletop gamer in mind.

(Disclosure: Boonzy Arts founder Lauren Rock is my girlfriend, and she’s awesome and amazing, so I might be a bit biased in this article.)

The series is called WHEEL OF FLAME. Each candle is themed around a specific region in the gaming world:

  • Lair of the Dragon: A bloodred candle with a musky and smoky scent.
  • Fortress of Sorcery: An ashy blue candle with spicy sandalwood notes with hints of olive and cypress.
  • Forest of Enchantment: An olive green candle with an earthy oak scent highlihted with cedarwood and notes of eucalyptus.


“We love smell as a way to create a sense of place,” said Boonzy Arts founder and owner Lauren Rock. “With this new line of candles, we want to give tabletop gamers a fun new way to enhance their campaigns.”

Rock explained that game masters can use the candles to add atmosphere to different stages of a campaign. “When the players venture down into a dungeon, the game master can light up the Fortress of Sorcery candle to set the scene,” she said. “Then after the players defeat the dungeon and emerge back into the overworld, the game master can blow out the Fortress of Sorcery candle and light up Forest of Enchantment.”

Each candle also comes with a surprise — a metal dice, provided by specialty dice manufacturer Norse Foundry. After several hours of burn time, gamers can extract one of six randomized multi-sided dice from the wax.

Rock has tapped local illustrator Wilson Swain to design the labels, with an eye toward classic gaming rulebooks as inspiration. Swain’s clients include The New York Times, Simon & Schuster, Houghton Mifflin and Chronicle Books. His credits include The Castaway Pirates, A Nutty Nutcracker Christmas and The Castle of Shadows.

Rock founded Boonzy Arts in April 2015. The company focuses on candles with geeky and pop culture-based themes, as well as a more traditional line of scented candles. Despite the the swords and sorcery theme for the WHEEL OF FLAME line, Rock said that the candles won’t only be for gamers.

“We sell a lot of our candles to people who like the scent but aren’t necessarily a fan of the movie or TV show featured on the candle itself,” she said.

Rock’s Kickstarter campaign is set to run until Aug. 23, with a goal of $3,500.


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Author: Tony Lazlo, CC2K Staff Writer

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