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Teaheads :: If You’re June, I’m November :: Rad Dad Records

Written by: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor


Teaheads :: If You’re June, I’m November :: Rad Dad Records

It seems that Flint Michigan is trying it’s damndest to have a resurgence, from the community, to art to music, more and more I am seeing “Flit” in bios.


I first heard Teaheads on the Save Your Generation Split where they were grouped with 3 other fairly punk rock bands. I loved the track that they included (Lately) and they apparently enjoyed my review because I received a few mails from the guys in the band, including on with a link to their full length If You’re June, I’m November. (Sometimes it’s nice to know that people are reading.)


If You’re June, I’m November totally took me by surprise. It is a twangy indie rock creation that falls somewhere between early REM and the Gin Blossoms (maybe with a dash of Gaslight Anthem). It is smooth, and twangy, and catchy – but never too much of any of them. From the very first track, Welcome to a Jack London Novel I felt like I was absorbed into their world and taken on a journey.  The songs build off one another until they reach their peak and need to start the descent to the finish.


Lately is definitely the crescendo, it is seductive and reckless, it was just waiting for the moment to break free. The songs that follow bring the reader back down, slowly. The structure and progression of this album are just phenomenal, it is as if we are taken on a very deliberate journey with each point plotted on a map or outline.


I have been struggling with calling Teaheads a bar band, but to me a bar band is a band that is raw and honest because their audience is so intimate, yet they can get that audience moving on the dance floor and I think that is exactly what a Teaheads show would be like.


Lastly, I wanted to talk a bit about the album title. Some titles are cool and clever and some are simply a means to an end. But I  love the,  If You’re June, I’m November, title; it is rare that an album title can so aptly capture the atmosphere created on an album. This, though, is spot on.

Author: Andrea Janov, CC2K Music Editor

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