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CC2K Rises: A Letter From the Editor

Written by: Kristen Lopez, Editor in Chief

Hello CC2K fans, the devoted and the new converts,

When I was asked to take over CC2K from fearless leader, Robert J. Peterson, I was honored and terrified. Who the hell would trust me to run an entire website? Why would you want to give me “phenomenal cosmic power” (to quote Aladdin)?

First, a bit about me, the lady now running this pop culture haven. One of the first places that ever gave me a platform to write was CC2K. I was a girl fresh out of high school who started out with a dream: to get into the movies for free. That was all I wanted, to cut down on my ever-expanding movie/DVD budget and maybe share my opinions with someone who cared. I stumbled upon CC2K and everything clicked. The team got my humor, allowed me to write what I wanted. What other site would let me wax rhapsodic about classism in the Straw Dogs remake or force me to listen to Poison as part of an April Fool’s Day theme (which I’m desperate to resurrect, by the way)? More importantly, CC2K wasn’t concerned with “clicks” and thus there was no one telling me “that’s too niche for our readers.” Since then I’ve carved out my own part of the Film Twitter world. I get into movies for free, I’ve met some awesome people (some big names, many not so big), and I’ve been published on some wonderful sites.

But the world is changing, and one of the big things we’re seeing is a distinct lack of minority writers. No offense to the certain people out there (even the man who owns CC2K), but the film landscape is still heavily white male. And that’s all well and good, but let’s give some new writers a chance. This brings me back around to CC2K. When I was given this site it was because Robert knew I wanted to change the film writing landscape – to give all writers, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or ability, a chance to share a love for movies.

Hopefully you’ll love our writers, both new and old. We strive to give you the best in pop culture with a new and unique voice. Welcome to the new CC2K!

Author: Kristen Lopez, Editor in Chief

Kristen Lopez is the editor-in-chief of CC2K and a freelance pop culture essayist. Her work has appeared on Roger Ebert, The Hollywood Reporter, and The Daily Beast. When she’s not burning down Film Twitter she runs two podcasts, the female-centric film show Citizen Dame, and the classic film-themed Ticklish Business.

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