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The Morning Roundup: More Terminator, New Indy 4 Spoilers, plus: Wonder Woman Not Dead?

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ImageWe've got news about more televised Terminator, as well as new pics and spoilers from the fourth Indiana Jones movie. Also, check out the trailer for Frank Miller's The Spirit.

We've got a full Terminator update this morning: First, TV Guide reports that Fox has p[icked up Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles for a second season (yay!), while in the film franchise, Moon Bloodgood (Journeyman) will play the female lead in Terminator 4.

Jackie Chan and Jet Li's The Forbidden Kingdom conquered the box office this weekend.

Amy Smart and Clifton Collins Jr. have joined the cast of Crank 2.

The story of the four WWII chaplains who gave their lives during the 1943 sinking of the Dorchester after it was torpedoed by a U-boat is coming to the screen as the film Lifeboat 13.

Rob Schneider, Tania Raymonde, Kristin Cavallari, Rumer Willis and Ryan Merriman have joined the cast of the indie comedy Wild Cherry.

Lee Byung-hun – who will play Storm Shadow in next summer's G.I. Joewill star in the TV series IRIS.

AICN reported on a huge new blog with massive spoilers for Indiana Jones and the Very Long Title. I checked it out, and it seems to be legit. AICN hinted that this guy may be a studio plant. In any event, you can read the full blog at MySpace, or you can check out the spoiler-y plot synopsis (with my analysis) in invisio-text below:

This newest adventure begins in the desert Southwest in 1957 – the height of the Cold War. Indy and his sidekick Mac (Ray Winstone) have barely escaped a close scrape with nefarious Soviet agents on a remote airfield.

Now, Professor Jones has returned home to Marshall College – only to find things have gone from bad to worse. His close friend and dean of the college (Jim Broadbent) explains that Indy's recent activities have made him the object of suspicion, and that the government has put pressure on the university to fire him. On his way out of town, Indiana meets rebellious young Mutt (Shia LaBeouf), who carries both a grudge and a proposition for the adventurous archaeologist: If he'll help Mutt on a mission with deeply personal stakes, Indy could very well make one of the most spectacular archaeological finds in history – the Crystal Skull of Akator, a legendary object of fascination, superstition and fear.

But as Indy and Mutt set out for the most remote corners of Peru – a land of ancient tombs, forgotten explorers and a rumored city of gold – they quickly realize they are not alone in their search. The Soviet agents are also hot on the trail of the Crystal Skull. Chief among them is icy cold, devastatingly beautiful Irina Spalko (Cate Blanchett), whose elite military unit is scouring the globe for the eerie Crystal Skull, which they believe can help the Soviets dominate the world ... if they can unlock its secrets.

Analysis: I've said before that if this movie involves a reconciliation between Indy and the Ravenwoods, we could have a classic on our hands. I hope this is the case.

Also, here are four new pics from Indy 4!





Joel Silver told IESB that Wonder Woman is still in development.

IO9 has a huge interview with Battlestar Galacgtica's new Cylons.

20/20 will do a special all abut J.K. Rowling.

The Biggest Loser's Bob Harper will get a Web series where he'll offer quick workout ideas.

Lastly, AICN unveiled the teaser poster for Frank Miller's The Spirit. The poster is below, and you can check out the teaser trailer at



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