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Ep. #147 The Fanboy Scoop: Week in Review

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Covering the week of 6/23/14, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.

In this episode, we discuss the battle raging over Orphan Black, Jack Kirby's court battle, whether a future exists for original sci-fi, Nestle's plans for a Star Trek-style replicator, and DC's new creator payment plan.

Cast members
: Bryant Dillon, Sam Rhodes, Drew Siragusa, and Kristine Chester

Special guests: Merrill Hagan (Teen Titans Go, Harvey Birdman, DC Nation) and Mary Bellamy (Womanthology, Faux Facts, Ah Heck!!)


"The Strong Female Character Problem" Skit Written by: Bryant Dillon

The Fanboy Scoop - Week in Review Theme Song Written and Performed by: Adam WarRock

The Fanboy Scoop - Week in Review Theme Song Produced by: Mikal kHill

Featuring "Trogdor the Burninator" by The Doubleclicks




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