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Russell Nohelty shares the insight he gleaned from interviewing the world’s top comic anthology creators.

Writer Wes Locher is back with more free comics. This time he takes on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Take a step back and get ready to return to 1991.

Big Ross was at WWCC in Las Vegas. What he saw and heard there got him thinking, which got him writing.

I want to talk about gender, female heroes, male privilege, and objectification of women. And I want to talk about all of that because of my experiences at a recent Comic Con. I was at the inaugural Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. All told, it was a fun and memorable experience. I got to hang out with some friends in their booth in the main exhibit hall and help sell their wares (some great books and geeky scented candles), sit on a couple of great panels (my first time ever), and check out all of the geeky merch, cosplay, and overall wonderful sense of camaraderie. However, there were a series of encounters that left me feeling more than a little ashamed of my gender, and the way many (though not all) choose to conduct themselves.

What if you could fly? What if EVERYONE could fly?

CC2K’s Laura Hong shares her adoration of comic creators that work for the Big Two.

CC2K is teaming up with the creators of Elena: Divinity Rising for another exclusive giveaway!

If you thought comic book collecting was an expensive and all-consuming hobby, you don’t know the half of it.

CC2K is teaming up with the creators of Elena: Divinity Rising in an exclusive giveaway!

CC2K’s Laura Hong shares her thoughts on the recent announcement that NBC has halted production on TV series Constantine after its initial 13-episode order.