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We here at CC2K have been fans (and friends) of the team at Fanboy Comics for almost a decade. (Wow! When you say it like that.) They've been reporting tirelessly on the worlds of comic books and pop-culture for all the time, but in recent years, the team at Fanboy Comics has started to branch out into other endeavors, including publishing and the production of the occasional award-winning audio drama. Now, they're rebooting the whole company. Come May 2, Fanboy Comics will become Fanbase Press. We got Fanboy Comics' co-founder Bryant Dillon on the line to talk about the big change.

Friday, 06 November 2015 00:00

NYCC'15: Cosplay

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 This year's NYCC had some tremendous cosplay. I dare to say the best I have ever seen. Here is just a taste...

Two Brothers, a new graphic novel by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá came out this week at the New York Comic Convention (2015). It's an immensely fascinating story about a dysfunctional family from Manaus, Brazil. The artwork by Gabriel Bá is one of the most beautiful comics I've ever seen. The Brazilian Wonder Twins (Moon & Bá) transport you to Brazil in the 1950s. I have never experienced a comic so captivating as Two Brothers. It's dark, it's red hot, you can feel the music and the colors (the book is drawn in black & white by the way), and you will love/hate every character. It's a gripping soap opera of a tale. It's chaotic, it's fierce, and i thought what better place to interview the Wonder Twins about it then the New York Comic Con.

Special Edition New York 2015 was a lot of fun this year. They had tons of artists, writers, cosplayers, and photographers. Here at CC2K we are all about finding new talent. When we saw up and coming photographer Tom DeRosa's awesome SENY photos, we knew we had to speak with him.

NYCC'14 was a huge success. The past few weeks we've seen a lot of articles about cosplayers and what not, but here at CC2K we pride ourselves with only the best. So, come and check out part 2 of Cosplay and things you missed.

We can agree services like Netflix, hulu, amazon, etc. have changed the ways we watch our shows. Imagine if we could access our comic collection the same way? ComicBlitz wants to form this into reality. Say goodbye to piles of comics locked up in storage and say hello to books you never could get into because they were just too expensive.

NYCC'14 was a huge success. The past few weeks we've seen a lot of articles about cosplayers and what not, but here at CC2K we pride ourselves with only the best. So, come and check out part 1 of Cosplay and things you missed.

At first, everyone remembers Amber Benson as the lovable Tara Maclay,  girlfriend to Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer who was shockingly murdered. She acted on Buffy for three full years, never getting star credit until her final episode. Nowadays, Amber Benson is considered "a maker of things." She's a highly credited author : "Calliope Reaper-Jones urban fantasy series for Penguin and the middle grade book Among The Ghosts for Simon and Schuster." Director: Drones and the BBC animated series The Ghosts of Albion. "Later this year she will appear as head vamp ‘Amelie’ in Morganville: The Series for Geek & Sundry" Today at NYCC'14 I got to speak to Amber about all these great works plus I got some information on her new book The Witches of Echo Park which debuts here and comes out nationwide January 2015.

Pariah Missouri is a five book series by Andres Salazar and Jose Pescador. The year is 1857, the place is Pariah, Missouri. "A riverboat boom-town and haven for the unscrupulous.  The charismatic and foppish cheat, Hiram Buchanan is an undercover spy who creates a rag-tag team to ferret out evil, both an underground crime syndicate and the supernatural." It's not your typical western, now is it?

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, there is a plethora of awesomely wonderful cosplayers and their costumes. This year was no different! If you weren't able to witness the love cosplayers have for their favorite comic, anime, TV show, or video game, have no fear. CC2K is here to showcase some of the coolest, creative, and cleverest costumes we were fortunate enough to come across at this year's SDCC. We hope you enjoy the images, because the dedication and love these cosplayers put into their work is nothing short of amazing!