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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:00

Comic Review: Unit 44 #4

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Wes Locher and Eduardo Jiménez’s humorous sci-fi comic, Unit 44, comes to an end in issue #4. Will the silly, easily preventable fight between the human race and aliens reach a peaceful resolution, or have Agents Hatch and Gibson made everything that much worse?

Special Edition New York 2015 was a lot of fun this year. They had tons of artists, writers, cosplayers, and photographers. Here at CC2K we are all about finding new talent. When we saw up and coming photographer Tom DeRosa's awesome SENY photos, we knew we had to speak with him.

Batman: Earth One Vol. 2 isn’t the sequel that Gotham deserves.

In 2008, Mark Millar and Steve McNiven worked on Wolverine vol.3 #66 and created an epic story called Old Man Logan. The story is about a tormented Wolverine who has vowed to never pop his claws out again. Logan settles down in California (now a land where the Hulks rule) with his wife and two kids, living out his days as a farmer. Through a series of events, an old Logan and an old blind Hawkeye drive across the country in Spider-Man's car delivering a package. The story has become an iconic Wolverine tale. Now with Marvel's Secret Wars event, Brian Michael Bendis has decided to revisit that Old Man Logan world once more.

Chuck Palahniuk brings us back to the dark and miserable world of Fight Club, and I couldn’t be happier.

Big Ross was at WWCC in Las Vegas. What he saw and heard there got him thinking, which got him writing.

I want to talk about gender, female heroes, male privilege, and objectification of women. And I want to talk about all of that because of my experiences at a recent Comic Con. I was at the inaugural Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. All told, it was a fun and memorable experience. I got to hang out with some friends in their booth in the main exhibit hall and help sell their wares (some great books and geeky scented candles), sit on a couple of great panels (my first time ever), and check out all of the geeky merch, cosplay, and overall wonderful sense of camaraderie. However, there were a series of encounters that left me feeling more than a little ashamed of my gender, and the way many (though not all) choose to conduct themselves.

What if you could fly? What if EVERYONE could fly?

Imagine a world in which everyone suddenly had the ability to fly and you couldn’t. How would that make you feel?