On Tuesday, ABC had a TV special entitled: Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe. It was a fun little special on how Marvel built their own studio and put all there money in a small little movie called Iron Man. At the end of the special they showed off some great images for the new movies coming out this/next year. One picture of Scarlet Witch, one of Quicksilver, but the best one was the little gem on top; that of Hulkbuster Iron Man!

About three months ago, I got the chance to read and review Tabatha #1 by TPublications. That first issue blew me away and left me hungry for more. Today, I’m back to review the rest of the 4-issue series as a whole. What can I say? It’s amazing, with twists at every turn!

SPOILER FREE REVIEW! We at CC2K aren't going to tell you the secrets revealed in this issue: Who the prisoner in the hood is? Why Nightwing is all bloody on the cover? And Why Evil is Forever? I vow on Lex Luthor's grave not to say a word! Just kidding.

Thursday, 27 February 2014 07:17

Advance Review: Saint Chaos #3

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In two days, Simon Monroe will die. Time is running out to find his mother’s killer and he is fed up with all the BS being thrown his way. If you think you’ve already seen the extent of his psychotic rampage, think again. He’s only just begun, with Saint Chaos #3 being the tipping point.

What grand gesture does the universe have in store for you when you find the one that is your true love? Certainly you will be telling your grandchildren the story of how you first met your one and only. What better way to start off by saying, “It was like magic kids, we had an 84% match. It was beautiful.”

The battle for San Diego Comic Con 2014 badges commenced once again this past Saturday. For those already freaking out, don’t worry. These badges were made available only for pre-registered members who attended SDCC in 2013. You’ll still have your chance.

Thursday, 23 January 2014 09:49

NYCC'13: Justice League - War

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CC2K was lucky enough to interview the crew from Justice League: War. Plus, we just got a first look at the new animated feature coming out later this month.

A lot of people take pride in their local sports team. For them, the accomplishments of their team are an extension of who they are as a community. So what do you do when your home team is an awful mess? Rob Harrell’s Monster on the Hill takes the idea of people having pride in a local sports team and replaces them with monsters.

Kieron Gillen and his crew say goodbye after only 15 issues. Another unique Marvel title cancelled. I give my two cents.

Happy holidays from CC2K! As 2013 comes to a close, I wanted to equip our readers with feelings of good cheer and inspiration as we head into the New Year.