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Album Review :: Fat Wreck Chords Comp :: Going Nowhere Fat

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Fat Wreck Chords :: Going No Where Fat

When I was in high school Fat music comps played a huge part in shaping my records collection. I was guaranteed to like at least half of the tracks. It is where I discovered Life in the Fat Lane. Back then between Fat and Epitaph comps, I never had to look far to find my new favorite bands.

When Going Nowhere Fat came across my desk, I thought, weird Volume 8, shouldn’t they be on like 20 by now. Turns out Fat stopped releasing them 5 years ago and this one is out to celebrate Fat’s 25th anniversary as a label.

Like all of their comps before, it is jam packed with Fat Wreck chords Heavyweight and newcomers. Classic bands with new track such as Lagwagon, Mad Caddies, Swingin Utters, and Strung Out have been on these comps since  the 90s. While some “on their way to being classic bands such as Night Birds, ToyGuitar, and Bad Cop/Bad Cop offer up some killer tracks.

The stand out tracks on this album fall into two categories, the ones that we already fucking love like Banner Pilot’s Modern Shakes, ToyGuitar’s When It’s Over, and Good Riddance’s Running on Fumes and the unreleased tracks. Among those unreleased tracks we get Night Bird’s Left in the Middle which is a song so full of attitude that it just drips through the speakers and will have you snarling along by the end. Leftover Crack’s The Lie of Luck is a killer old school style song that will fucking accost you while it spits lyrics out. And lastly Western Addiction's Ex-Humans is just wonderful in all its grittiness.

Just like every other Fat Wreck Chords comp, I walked away psyched. If I didn’t already own most of these albums, I would be going out to buy them right now.

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