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Album Review :: Can't Swim :: Death Deserves a Name

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Can’t Swim :: Death Deserves a Name :: Pure Noise Records


Cant’s Swim’s Death Deserves a Name is a tour de force. It is creepy and infectious and slightly sensual. It is aggressive and delicate. It is polished and messy. It is full of attitude dashed with slight melody. It fucking love it.


It feels like they have hit reset on the 90s. This takes the best influences of grunge, punk, and new wave and filters it through an unparalleled artistic sense. The screams in Your Clothes will chill you and Right Choice will have you moving to the beat. Each track gets better and better, either that or with every note this album is burrowing deep inside you. Hands down my favorite track is the title track, Death Deserves a Name. It just latches onto you and doesn’t let go….and the hook...you will be humming it for weeks.


I can’t quite articulate it, but I feel different after listening to this album. “Are there some who made it through / without a scratch / without a bruise.”

Check out the music video for Your Clothes.

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