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superwatersympathy pressshoSo last week you read the awesome review of Super Water Sympathy’s newest album Hydrogen Child.  Are you ready to fall even more in love with them? Are you sure? Ansly Hughes was awesome enough to answer some questions for us. Okay, so go, fall in love. 

The-Burning-of-RomeThe Burning of Rome's With Us is an album that intrigued me on so many levels. There are bands who make music for fun, bands that make music for the chicks, bands that make music for the money, and bands who make music because it comes out of every pore. The Burning of Rome falls into the latter category. I recently had the opportunity to ask Burning of Rome's Adam Traub a few questions about his inspiration, creative process, and Joe Strummer.

Dirty PantiesIt’s true, I am still listening to this album and crossing my fingers super hard that The Dirty Panties will tour the east coast sometime soon, they are just damned good. I recently had the opportunity to ask the ladies a few questions. The energy that they capture on I Am A Robot was not lost at all as they took the time to answer my questions. Take a moment, read the interview, and then go pick up this album immediately.

Saturday, 28 July 2012 17:08

Interview with Moovalya

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moovalyaMoovalya is three guys from a small punk scene in Arizona who do what any good punk boys do in a small town, they skateboard, formed bands, started record labels, and embody the DIY “make your life what you want it to be” spirit that punk was founded on. 

Sometimes there are people and bands who you connect with on some instinctual level - our attitudes and opinions line up, because even though you grew up in different scenes across the country from one another, you have the same frame of reference.  With a love for a small town punk scene and super catchy music, I connected with Moovalya instantly when I reviewed their album. After speaking with them and discovering a love for Fat Wreck Chords and Dostoevsky, we connected even more. 

Saturday, 23 June 2012 01:00

Interview with The Scutches

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stutchesSo, I already told you about The Scutches. They are keeping the pop punk spirit alive and simply a ton of fun to listen to. Ten Songs, Ten Years is one of those ablums that is simply made for summer. Vin and Rich were kind enough to answer a few questions for me so that you could love them some more. With influences from The Beatles, to Elvis Costello, to Rush (which I must admit is refreshing to the girl who loved Rush when it was super uncool in her punk scene) we get a deeper understanding of the elememts that make these guys so fun to listen to. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012 00:00

Interview with Great Cynics

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great-cynicsI have written about Great Cynics a few times here on CC2K (check out Don't Need Much and In The Valley reviews) and I finally got the opportunity to talk with Giles about the band, the transition from solo project to band, their music, and what is next for them. 

Saturday, 28 April 2012 02:29

Interview with Civil War Rust

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So a few weeks ago I gushed about how psyched I am on Civil War Rust and their new album, The Fun & The Lonely, well I guess they were pretty okay with all the flattery since the decided to answer some questions for me. Sean and Ryan are super awesome guys with great taste in music, books, and 80s movie refrences. 

Check out the interview and you can now pick up The Fun & The Lonely on CD if you prefer to have tangible copies of your music instead of phantom mp3 files. 

Friday, 06 April 2012 19:23

Interview with Useless ID

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Usless-IDRemember last month when I told you all about Useless ID's fantastic new album, Symptoms? Well, I got the chance to ask them a few questions, that may make you even more pysched on them. They have just announced quite a few Candian dates and will hopefully be heading to the Sates sometime soon (we can all cross our fingers).

Thursday, 08 March 2012 15:53

Interview with Goin' Places

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Goin’ Places is a pop punk trio full of lust and heartbreak about all the girls that have come and gone from their lives. I really dug their album, Relationship Sneakers, which was a pop punk explosion that I reviewed for CC2K a few weeks ago. 

Karaoke334Hannah Ford and Kaleb Asplund are the couple behind Austin, TX band You Make Engine.  They met in college while both working for their university radio station.  Kaleb, a real karaoke hound, got Hannah hooked on the activity as well.  They loved karaoke, but found that very little of the underground music which they both loved was available.  Not to be deterred, the couple set out to create a traditional karaoke event for the untraditional.  What came next was Karaoke Underground, a night of karaoke singalong for fans of the grittier side of the musical landscape.  We sat down with both Kaleb and Hannah to discuss Karaoke Underground as they approach Chicago on their current tour.