Cinephiles often reminisce about their earliest film experiences. Wade Sheeler, Creative Editor at Black Maria, shares one of earliest childhood film memories; one that equally haunts and fascinates him to this day: Hammer Studios' The Lost Continent. 

Film Editor Jill Blake takes a look at a technicolor turkey, 20th Century Fox's Beloved Infidel starring Gregory Peck and Deborah Kerr, from boutique label Twilight Time. 

The Moviola's Carley Johnson reviews (and defends) Disney's Saving Mr. Banks, a film that has received a fair amount of negative criticism since its release. 

Black Maria's Carley Johnson reviews the Twilight Time release of John Ford's 1939 technicolor masterpiece, Drums Along the Mohawk. 

Here is The Moviola's resident animation expert Brandie Ashe with her take on Disney's Frozen

In the last couple of weeks, film fans have mourned the passing of Eleanor Parker, Audrey Totter, Tom Laughlin, Joan Fontaine, and Peter O'Toole. In honor of Peter O'Toole, here is an essay on my my first viewing of David Lean's epic Lawrence of Arabia; a film I was fortunate enough to experience at the beautiful Fox Theatre in Atlanta, GA. 

Black Maria's Carley Johnson on what she believes to be Marilyn Monroe's finest performance: Joshua Logan's Bus Stop

A die-hard Hunger Games fan reports from the front lines of the premiere for Catching Fire.  

For this week's Moviola review, here's Meaghan Clohessy on the latest Marvel superhero film, Thor: The Dark World