Make Do and Mend :: Don’t Be Long :: Stay Close / Rise Records


Since the first note that I heard many years ago, I was a Make Do and Mend fan. They perfectly meld heavy hitting music, with meaningful lyrics, and hooks that will grab you. Don’t Be Long follows the great style they have been perfecting through the years. I have listened to this album once a day for the last three weeks and I am not sure exactly what to tell you about it. It is a solid punk rock record. It is heavy, it is catchy, it is accessible, it has substance.


Pass Away :: Hey Death :: Black Numbers


So I knew before I even pushed play that I was at least going to be into this album, at least, a little bit. With band members from I Am The Avalanche, Crime in Stereo, The Marine Electric, I was pretty confident that this was not going to assault my ears. I like it when I am not wrong. This 7” feels like a complete album. The songs progress, transform, and give you a full experience.

The Rentiers :: Here is a List of Things That Exist :: Death to False Hope


It is no secret that I am somewhat old fashioned…I don’t know where my phone is more than half the time, I still read books on paper, I don’t respond to emails and messages promptly, I miss having flyers in my back pocket, I miss albums, and cds, and tapes. But, I must say, that this internet age of connectedness has put me in contact with some amazing people. One of them being Joel Tannenbaum from Plow United, Ex-Friends, and now The Rentiers. Through PR people and this great internet, Joel reached out to me and I have had the opportunity to gain insight into the music in a way that I wouldn’t have a few years ago, and it’s always exciting to get an email with a new link in it.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015 10:50

Album Review :: ViceVersa :: 000

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ViceVersa :: 000

I was torn on this EP, I was really into half of it, liked a quarter of it, and skipped over the rest. But the half I was into was interesting enough to tell you all about. ViceVersa’s EP 000, is a psychedelic trip on the beach that takes you back to the 60s…or at least the sound of the 60s. Their music has groove and attitude so it somehow relaxes you as it riles you up.

toyGuitar :: In This Mess :: Fat Wreck Chords


As soon as I hit play on In This Mess, I felt like I was sucked back in time. toyGuitar is a fantastic throw back to the raw sound of the 1970s where there was that fine line between glam and punk. The music metallic rock and roll, the vocals are smooth, and the attitude is just oozing out of every track. There electric sound mixed with the snotty attitude is a cross between David Bowie and MC5 and The New York Dolls.


Reservoir :: Cicurina Vol. 1 :: Glory Kid Records


I was immediately captured by this album, while emo was not my thing (I was through and through pop punk [Weasel & Descendants style]) it has a special place in my heart. Emo was big in the 90s, a lot of the shows that I ended up going to just to hang out with my friends were emo shows, and this album Cicurina Vol. 1, took me right back there.


Calculator :: CALC 7” ::  Count Your Lucky Stars


Okay, so this review will be short and sweet like the Calculator CLC 7”. The CLC 7” is loud, raw, and full of fury. The first track, True North as an old school hardcore punk sounds to it that will have even the biggest syncs saying that maybe punk isn’t dead after all. The second track, Graduation Day is messy and distorted with a touch of melody and elements of screamo.


Though this 7” is only two tracks, it is so jam packed with energy, personality, and attitude that I am itching to hear more from them.

Terrorista :: Pink and Purple Cassettes


I think that this may be my first cassette series review. And I am fairly psyched on that, though I may be from the end of the cassette era, I most definitely had a walk man in my book bag every day at school, and taped my favorite songs off the radio, always searching for a time when you were able to catch the very binging of a song and not have the dj’s voice over the intro. Anyway, I digress…


Hold Tight! :: I Always Leave, But Never Say Goodbye :: Animal Style Records


Okay, I was hooked on this album from the very beginning. I Always Leave, But Never Say Goodbye is an alternative punk hybrid, that totally demands your attention. The first track, Why Change Now, has every element I love in a punk track. It is aggressive, catchy, and has a killer, KILLER, hook. Every time I listen to this album this song just constantly replays in my head. It begins sparse and almost sweet, until the guitars and drums kick in full force.