Build Us Airplanes :: At The End Of The Day


Build Us Airplanes’ At The End Of The Day is a super interesting record. The sound is unique and the collection of music is very eclectic. Most of the vocals lean to the more traditional crooning style while this music is much more raw, it creates a really powerful, beautiful, unexpected sound.


Ex Friends :: Animal Needs :: Coolidge Records


Do you all need another Ex Friends review from me? Too bad. I am a big fan, and the Animal Needs EP is no exception. It is fast, fun, upbeat, and solid punk rock. The pairing of female and male vocals on Don’t Do It Like That are great, they work together in sections and bicker in others (kind of like the musical version of a concrete poem). Real Life is an old school punk track, full of attitude and snarls and barely a moment to breathe. Word Police is a tongue in cheek slightly vulgar good time song. And Fadeage is my pick for best track on here, not only is there a saxaphone in the middle, it is the fullest track. It has the great attitude that the rest of the EP does, but it has some awesome hooks, and great depth. Also, it has the gravely vocals that I love and make a point to mention in every review, so here it is for this one, they rock in this track.


Goddamnit :: How To Feel the Burn :: Creep Records


I grew up about an hour and a half northeast of Philly. Though we had a pretty solid local scene, especially for such a small town, it was easy to hop in the car and go to Philly for the night. Maybe it’s because it’s what I grew up with, but I have always loved the sound of Philly punk rock. It is raw, hard, gritty, and accessible. No matter the band, it sounded like music your friends made and that your soul needed. You were able to connect with it and abandon yourself to the pit. I don’t know why, but there just haven’t been a lot of pretentious Philly punk bands, they are (mostly) all pretty awesome and down to earth.


Great Apes :: Thread :: Asian Man

I’ve said it before, but I love any band who gives me a lyric sheet. Seriously, it makes for such a different experience. The first list to an album is always a pure listen and the second listen is the read along listen, but with Thread there was a third, more in depth listen after I read the liner notes. The liner notes let us know that the lyrics were pieced together and inspired by conversations and interviews with their close friends. They say that each song essentially represents a person, with the final track, Thread, represents the way these songs were sewn together into an album. What an awesome fucking concept.


Direct Effect :: Sunburn :: Tiny Engines


I have always had a strange relationship with hardcore. I love hardcore shows, the energy of the pit is unmatched and the music really does dominate everyone in the room. Yet, I was never a hardcore kid. A song here and there would make it on to a mix tape, yet they were never the records or tapes that I would put on first when I was at home or in my car (I guess if I was in my car I should be saying cds).

Nightmares For A Week & Banquets :: Split :: Black Numbers 


I had never heard of Nightmares For A Week, but hell, with an awesome band name like that and the fact that they were doing a split with Banquets, I was already a fan. This split starts of quiet and slowly builds in intensity until it breaks with one of the most interesting vocals I have heard in a long time.

Know Secrets :: Know Secrets EP

This EP was tracked on 2” tape and (not to sound like a super nerd here) you can hear and feel it. That tactile feeling translated into the subtext of these tracks.  They feel full and layered and almost as if they have a mass.


Búho :: Self Titled 7” :: Crowquill

This is two song Self Titled 7” by Búho will take you by storm. Búho is from San Antonio and this music totally has a desert feel to it, as in, it feels like it is ever expanding and dissipating into the cold desert night.

Acid Fast :: Rabid Moon ::  Protagonist Music


It seems like it has taken me forever and a million listens to write this review. I never seemed to be able to find the right words to even try to capture how this album sounds or makes me feel or why is it so damned good. Okay. I fucking adore this Rabid Moon. It has the perfect amount of melody, distortion, and heart.