Deforesters :: Self-Titled :: Black Numbers


I decided that in succession each song is my favorite, every time I was taking notes I was convinced that that song was my favorite song, until the next one came on.  This self-titled EP has a cool balance of gruff vocals and a great pop sensibility, both of the elements coming through clearly yet one never overtakes the other.

Boilerman :: Doing Great :: 86’d Records


Boilerman is a low key type of band. They are not flashy or boisterous, they are a bunch full of regular dudes playing music for like minded people. This 7”, Doing Great, is three songs (two originals and one cover) that lay themselves for us without any pretense.

Teen Agers / Wolf-Face :: Split :: Say-10 Records


I always dig Say-10 splits, there is always something super interesting about the pairing of the bands that creates a distinctive vibe to the album. This one is no different, though I do wonder if this all wasn’t done so that we can refer to this and the Teen Wolf Split, I mean, I totally would have.

The Hollowpoints :: Rocket to Rainier :: Sailor’s Grave Records

I have sat with this album for a bit. I listen to it again, and again, and again trying to find the right angle for the review. It is such a solid pop punk rock record. It is everything that pop punk should be fun, upbeat, aggressively catchy, and a damned good time. Each track is strong and enjoyable, yet the words weren’t quite flowing, what makes one track great is what makes the whole album great. And as awesome as that is, it is write to build a review around.

Banquets :: Spit At The Sun :: Black Numbers


I know that I came across Banquets a bit late, but I have been a fan of the Banquets since their self-titled album came across my desk a few years ago. And ever since then, I have waited for their releases and splits like I used to wait for bands in high school. They were the perfect balance of punk attitude and pop hooks. They were fucking infectious. They had the songs that you couldn’t help but turn way up, sing along, and smile.

Svetlanas / New Cold War :: Split :: SquidHat Records

Man, this one is hard to write. I have never been this torn on a split before. The Svetlana’s are angsty and thrashy, and just are simply not something that I was able to get into. But New Cold War so perfectly fits my taste that I couldn’t let them fall to the way side.

Lawnmower / Viewfinder / Totally Slow / Teaheads :: TV Dinner Vol. 2 :: Save Your Generation Records

Reviewing a split is always hard but fun. I have a special place in my heart for splits and compilation albums. Back when I was in middle school and high school and the internet was a dial up modem and aol account, comps and splits were the best ways to find out about new bands. You relied on labels you loved to put out comps and bands you loved to team up with other bands you would be sure to love. I suppose now kids don’t need that, you can fall down a rabbit hole of “similar” music on any site, but me, I still will go for the curated sound by a cool label.

Make War :: Make War :: Black Numbers

This self titled album by Make War, immediately took me back to the late 90s and all the local bands that I grew up listening to. They are a bit punk, a bit emo, a bit garage, and all fucking heart.

The Rentiers :: Black Metal Yoga :: Baldy Longhair

I feel like I don’t have to write these intros anymore, when it comes to the Rentiers. Just reference this Rentier’s review, or this or this, from when Joel was in another band. So you get the point right? I’m a fan. You know what I think of his music and artistry. So lets just get down to the music on this EP, Black Metal Yoga / Drunks and Stoners.